NHBC delivers security and compliance with Ipswitch File Transfer MOVEit

Non-profit UK building warranty and insurance provider expands use of Ipswitch File Transfer’s MOVEit to over 200 employees, ensuring regulatory compliance and transparent workflows.

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Interview mit Bill Dunlop, CEO von Angel Business Communications, Veranstalter der „Powering the Cloud“ Konferenzen.

Die „Powering the Cloud“ Konferenzen SNW Europe, Virtualization World und Datacenter Technologies haben sich als „Pflichtveranstaltungen“ für europäische IT-Verantwortliche etabliert, die sich über die neuesten Entwicklungen bei Storage, Virtualisierung, Networking und weiteren Rechenzentrumstechnologien informieren wollen. Die Veranstalter sind stolz darauf, ihrer Zielgruppe die einzigen unabhängigen Veranstaltungen zu diesen Themen in Deutschland anzubieten und dabei eine informationsgepackte Agenda mit über 130 praxisorientierten Sessions zusammenzustellen. Die diesjährigen Konferenzen finden am 29. und 30. Oktober im Congress Frankfurt statt.

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RSA bekämpft mit Big-Data-Analysen Online-Bedrohungen in Echtzeit

RSA, die Sicherheitssparte von EMC, hat heute die neue Version 4.0 von RSA Silver Tail vorgestellt. Damit können Unternehmen Aktivitäten auf Webseiten besser darstellen und normales Nutzungsverhalten von potenziellen Angriffen unterscheiden. Sicherheitsteams differenzieren schnell zwischen Freund und Feind, spüren verdächtige Web Sessions und Gefahren durch mobile Applikationen in Echtzeit auf und können sie dann gezielt bekämpfen

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IT leaders fear data fragmentation is putting businesses at risk

82% see decision making hurt by data fragmentation. 93% struggling to control corporate data. 83% see security risks as data is spread across corporate or ‘Shadow IT’ networks.

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Nottingham Building Society strengthens security

Varonis has detailed how Nottingham Building Society is using Varonis DatAdvantage and DataPrivilege software to keep its critical and sensitive data secure. The Nottingham Building Society has been able to identify and assign ownership for over 90% of its information with DatAdvantage, moving on-going management responsibility to these owners and giving them the ability to easily maintain permissions for their areas with DataPrivilege. The combined power of the two products has meant Nottingham Building Society can identify and work with its data owners to boost protection for its critical and sensitive data.

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Ovum warns BYOD is here to stay and urges CIOs to respond with a clear strategy

Bring-your-own-device (BYOD) is here to stay, states Ovum, as it reveals the findings of its 2013 multi-market BYOX (bring-your-own-anything) employee study.

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Increasing IT complexity and need for data security drive growth in outsourcing

Cloud based infrastructures now dominant – 60% use hybrid or cloud only.

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Mobile security in the spotlight

63% of businesses do not attempt to manage corporate information on employee-owned devices; mobile security incidents cost more than $100,000 for almost half of firms surveyed.

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Most data breaches caused by human and system errors

Symantec Corp. and the Ponemon Institute have released the 2013 Cost of Data Breach Study: Global Analysis which reveals human errors and system problems caused two-thirds of data breaches in 2012 and pushed the global average to $136 per record[1]. Issues included employee mishandling of confidential data, lack of system controls, and violations of industry and government regulations. Heavily regulated fields including healthcare, finance and pharmaceutical incurred breach costs 70 percent higher than other industries.

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DDoS for the data centre

Juniper Networks has announced the availability of Junos® DDoS Secure to protect data centres against increasingly complex Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. A key part of Juniper’s security portfolio, Junos DDoS Secure uses behavioral analytics and detailed network visibility to provide scalable protection against all major types of DDoS attacks.

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UK SMEs still reluctant to embrace key technology trends

SolarWinds has revealed the results from SolarWinds' Cloud Computing and BYOD Study, ("the study"), which looked into the adoption of today's key technology trends -- namely Cloud Computing and BYOD -- amongst SMEs.

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Application-layer DDoS detection

New capability enables organisations to obtain multi-faceted protection against distributed denial-of-service attacks.

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DCS Awards: Und die Gewinner sind... 

Am Donnerstag, den 23. Mai, fand im Millennium Gloucester Hotel und Konferenzzentrum im Herzen von London vor über 300 Gästen aus ganz Europa die DCS-Preisverleihung (Auszeichnungen für Rechenzentrumslösungen) statt.  Der Galaabend bot einen heiteren Auftritt von Komiker Sanderson Jones und Musik von AudioBox. Moderator der DCS-Preisverleihung, die in diesem Jahr von Ark Data Centres unterstützt wurde, war Paul Trowbridge EVITO, dem Schwesterunternehmen von Angel Business Communications. Die Gewinner wurden von der Leserschaft von Angels Print- und Online-Veröffentlichungen ausgewählt. Insgesamt wurden 19 Auszeichnungen verliehen. 

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Piers Wilson, Head of Product Management at Huntsman Security, discusses the importance of carrying out a ransomware readiness assessment to discover any potentially costly security gaps within an organisation’s IT infrastructure. The company’s recently launched SmartCheck for Ransomware is designed to help companies fortify their cyber risk management.
Mickey Bresman, Co-Founder and CEO and Ran Harel, Senior Security Product Manager, both at Semperis, discuss the findings of the company’s recent Microsoft Active Directory security survey, and also explain how the Semperis Purple Knight security assessment tool not only highlights AD security gaps, but also provides recommended fixes.
Neil Cornish, Ecosystem Development Manager at Tech Data UK, discusses the collaboration between the UK Fashion & Textile Association, IBM, the Future Fashion Factory and Tech Data UK, to develop a new technology platform designed to help drive both sustainability and profitability within the fashion supply chain.
Coeus Consulting, an independent IT advisory focused on delivering strategic change, recently published the findings of its report: ‘The critical role of technology leaders in delivering on sustainability targets’. Graeme Trevayne, Associate Director at Coeus Consulting, talks through the survey results, highlighting the progress which has already been made, whilst suggesting that there is much more that can be done, not least when it comes to the need for some commonly agreed, IT sustainability objectives and the accompanying metrics.

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