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Turning down the noise: How to prevent employee burnout By Jason Romanosky, Senior Director of Product Marketing, at LumApps.
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How to elevate employee training in the digital workplace “If you digitise a flawed process, you get a digital flawed process” is common wisdom in 2022 – and it applies to employee training. How can it be done better though? Felix Eichler, CTO and co-founder, Userlane shares some thoughts on how companies have mastered the shift towards digital workplaces.

How to make the hybrid workplace work

Long before the pandemic turned the whole world upside down, the idea of working away from the office was already gaining significant momentum. With the arrival of Covid, what had begun as something of a trickle, became an almighty torrent, as we were all locked down, but expected to be able to carry on working seamlessly. And now that we are returning to some kind of (ab)normal world, the idea of the hybrid workplace is very much here to stay. But how best to embrace and optimise the benefits it brings?
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