Colt completes Channel Tunnel fibre network infrastructure deployment

The new fibre-optic cable deployed along the Tunnel provides access to the highest number of data centres fibre-connected between the UK and mainland Europe.

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Colt Technology Services has announced the successful completion of the deployment of a new dark fibre (G.652D/G.657) cable along the Channel Tunnel connecting London (UK) to Paris (France).

Colt's new fibre network will provide businesses and organisations with faster, more reliable, and uninterrupted data connectivity across borders. It will also support the growing demand for cloud computing and other digital services in both London and Paris, with a seamless end-to-end SLA.

Responsible for the day-to-day operations of all new cables installed in the Channel Tunnel, Colt boasts a transfer rate of several Tbps per fibre pair with the new infrastructure. With this evolution of the infrastructure, customers will have access to their 100Gbps/400Gbps Colt IQ Network, supported by reliable low latency, high-bandwidth connectivity and service guarantees through the tunnel. The tunnel offers the best path to close a key network loop that runs between London, Paris, Brussels, and Amsterdam.

In accordance with the Channel Tunnel's safety and security regulations, all connectivity services will be highly secure. They will offer significantly more capacity than subsea cables and will be placed in a highly protected environment that is not vulnerable to piracy, ship anchors, commercial fishing, or shipping. The tunnel has had no accidents since its installation in 1994.

“We are pleased to announce the successful completion of the next step in this important project,” said Herve Jost, Director of Eurotunnel/Getlink Connectivity Solutions, Colt Technology Services. “Approximately 80% of the internet traffic which runs between the UK and mainland Europetoday travels through the Channel Tunnel. It is crucial to increase the bandwidth, enhance performance, bolster reliability, and fortify the security of our network. This is vital to ensure a continuous and uninterrupted flow of data, specifically to address peak demand and new bandwidth needs within the Channel Tunnel, driven by new technologies such as AI and Metaverse. Our new fibre cable in the Tunnel will transform the subterranean rail link between the UK and mainland Europe into a major data route to support the anticipated growth in traffic over the coming years.”

In September 2021, Colt and Getlink signed a 25-year exclusive ‘concession’ contract to install and operate a new fiber optic network spanning the Channel Tunnel, using the latest connectivity technology to establish seamless connectivity between the UK and mainland Europe. This 25-year agreement is bringing new dark fiber and data services to the Channel Tunnel for the first time in a generation.

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