Nokia selected to upgrade Stealth Communications’ core network

Nokia’s IP routing solutions, including the 7750 Service Router (SR) platforms with FP5 silicon and Deepfield Defender, will be deployed to build a core router mesh network for Stealth’s multi-tenant building business customers in New York City.

Nokia has been selected by Stealth Communications to upgrade the New York City-based internet service provider’s metro core network throughout this high-density metropolitan area. Nokia’s IP routing solutions will be deployed to build a core router mesh network for increased capacity and scale, enabling Stealth Communications to offer high-speed 100GE and 400GE services to its multi-tenant building business customers both now and into the future.

Stealth Communications provides connectivity services to a broad roster of customers in such enterprise segments as finance, real estate, education, and government through its 80-mile fiber-optic system that connects hundreds of commercial office buildings. To increase capacity and scale within its network and ensure reliability, Stealth is investing in its metro core by implementing 400GE connectivity. Nokia will deploy its 7750 Service Router (SR) platforms, featuring its ground-breaking FP routing silicon. The 7750 SR platforms include the Nokia 7750 SR-14s core routers with FP5 line cards for future-ready 800GE capability. Initial roll out will include the FP4 line cards.

Nokia will also work with Stealth Communications to extend the provider’s IP core network to bring 100GE connectivity to its multi-tenant buildings, using the Nokia 7750 SR-1se and SR-2se.

Additionally, Stealth Communications chose the 7220 Interconnect Router (IXR-D2L), powered by SR Linux, for cost-effective edge aggregation and automation to simplify deployment and management. SR Linux is a ground-breaking open network operating system (NOS) that makes data center infrastructure scalable, flexible and easier to operate.

Stealth Communications has also selected the Nokia Deepfield Defender for protection against Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS). Deepfield Defender provides a holistic perspective on DDoS attacks across the entire network as they happen, enabling the highest levels of protection and mitigation for Stealth Communications and its business customers. Using big data analytics along with Deepfield Secure Genome,™ its proprietary security intelligence feed, Deepfield Defender accurately detects DDoS attacks in real time. It leverages advanced techniques, including AI/ML to compile the most efficient mitigation and dynamically instructs Nokia FP silicon to surgically block all DDoS attack traffic right at the network edge.

Shrihari Pandit, President and CEO, Stealth Communications, said: “For nearly a decade, Stealth has provided New York City’s businesses with the fastest and most reliable internet service available, all over our own fiber infrastructure. We are eager to grow our network capacity and add flexibility to meet the future needs of our current and prospective customers. Nokia is the right partner to help us do that by providing solutions that offer scale, reliability and DDoS security where it is most needed.”

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