Thursday, 16th July 2020

Kony helps the City Of The Hague improve enforcement services

Kony has helped the City of The Hague, the seat of government in The Netherlands, with the successful roll out of a new mobile application to improve its enforcement services process.

The City of The Hague selected Kony’s industry-leading mobility platform to help define and implement its mobile strategy, which had seen enforcement personnel and officials struggle to monitor and manage a high volume of illegally parked and abandoned bicycles in a city that has approximately 516,000 bicycles in circulation, which equates to 1.1 bicycles for every resident. The preferred transportation method in The Hague.

Kony’s mobile application development platform was selected due to its ability to enable the rapid design of mobile application with a single code that works on all major operating systems and devices. Specifically, Kony Visualizer allows design prototypes for quick user review, feedback and updates; and Kony Studio for mobile app development. This contrasted with the City’s legacy paper-based fining and administrative process, which placed considerable time and administrative burden on law enforcement officials.

The application makes the work of the enforcement team much simpler so that they don’t have to use paper anymore.With the app, it’s easier for the bicycle parking enforcement to show exactly how they did their job and prove the work they did was done correctly.

With the successful roll out of the bicycle law enforcement mobile application, abandoned and illegally parked bicycles can quickly and easily be registered in a hassle-free and effective manner from whichever mobile device.

Jonathan Best, vice president of Europe and Africa, Kony Inc., said: “At Kony, we’re committed to helping both private and public sector organisations across the region better leverage the power and impact of mobile applications to transform their business processes. We are excited that the City of The Hague has adopted Kony’s industry-leading Mobility Platform to modernise the delivery of services through innovative mobile apps.”

“With the influx of new devices and operating systems that have flooded the market, such as iOS and Android, and Blackberry, we needed to make sure the mobile apps created for the City of The Hague would be compatible with all the different devices,” said Paul van der Weijde, founder of Redora, Kony partner in The Netherlands. “After researching a number of enterprise mobile application development platform companies, we concluded that Kony was the only vendor that would meet our requirements to develop an app for all different mobile operating systems.”

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