Juniper Networks introduces Junos software disaggregation

Juniper Networks has unveiled a disaggregated version of Juniper Networks® Junos® software to provide customers with ultimate choice in data center deployment options.

Through disaggregation of Junos software, customers will have the ability to deploy third-party network services or applications directly on Juniper platforms as well as have the option to program directly to Juniper systems using the supported Open Compute Project (OCP) defined software model.

Juniper has also launched the Juniper Networks QFX5200 line of access switches, the first platform to run the disaggregated Junos software as well as support the emerging 25 and 50 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) standard.Combined, the switches and software will provide industry-leading network automation and programmability while providing customers flexibility in purchasing hardware separately from software with a pay-for-what-you-need software-licensing model.

Additionally, Juniper today highlighted the rapid implementation of its Juniper Networks MetaFabric™ architecture and Juniper Networks Contrail software-defined networking (SDN) technologies across leading converged and hyper-converged stack solutions, helping customers simplify and scale their data center and cloud infrastructures while ensuring long-term investment protection.

The purpose of the network has changed as people increasingly look for ways to better collaborate and connect. This shift, along with growing network traffic levels and the rise of virtualized applications, containers and workloads, puts increased pressure on IT to constantly deliver more, faster, and at a reduced cost while scaling in, out, up or down in an instant.

To keep pace with the velocity of business, data centers need to support a flexible infrastructure that focuses on virtualization, automation, converged systems, software-defined offerings and cloud-based technologies. According to Gartner, establishing agile infrastructure forces infrastructure and operations organisations to rethink infrastructure strategy, with an emphasis on integrated systems, cloud and virtualization, which means taking Web-scale approaches, using containers and working to establish a software-defined infrastructure.*

The expansion of the Juniper Networks MetaFabric architecture, with new 25/50GbE access switches, a disaggregated version of Junos software and partner-validated converged stack offerings, gives customers a simple and smart way to evolve and automate their cloud networks without risk of vendor lock-in.

Disaggregated Junos Software Enables Server-Like Functionality with Most Complete Suite of Networking Services

§With the disaggregated Junos software, customers will for the first time be able to develop and install third-party applications directly on supported Juniper switching systems, as well as run the disaggregated Junos software on Open Network Install Environment (ONIE) compliant third-party switches.

§Using an open platform approach, Juniper provides open access to Linux so customers can freely orchestrate third-party applications using OpenStack, Apache, Netconf or other tools. This new level of network services modularity enables easy integration with customer applications, SDN controllers and orchestration tools.

§With support for MPLS, BGP, EVPN-VXLAN and the most robust L2/L3 feature set in the industry, Juniper gives customers options to design, architect and automate the ideal overlay network with the best underlay infrastructure.

§A new pricing model for the QFX5200 will allow customers to purchase Junos software and the QFX5200 hardware platform either together or separately.

QFX5200 Switches Bolster Bandwidth Performance with 25/50GbE Ethernet Standards Support

§Next-generation QFX5200 access switches with multi-speed capability from 10GbE to 100GbE enable customers to migrate to higher port speeds and support 25GbE/50GbE without costly upgrades. With 25GbE, customers get 2.5 times the performance over 10GbE while using existing cabling infrastructure.

§QFX5200 switches support the disaggregated version of the Junos software, combining high-performance switching with the flexibility, power and functionality of a quad-core server CPU.

§Managed through Junos Space Network Director, customers can control the entire enterprise network through a single pane of glass. Also, with Juniper’s Network Director Management Pack for VMware vRealize™ Operations, in addition to interoperability with VMware vCenter™ Server, users have visibility into the health, capacity and performance of the enterprise network infrastructure, further simplifying physical and virtual network control and management.

MetaFabric and Contrail Solutions Adopted Across Industry Leading Converged and Hyper-Converged Stack Solutions

  • Juniper’s proven MetaFabric and Contrail solutions are being selected for industry-leading converged stack platforms, providing customers with an open, plug-and-play infrastructure to quickly deploy data center and cloud networks.
  • In collaboration with key partners, Juniper is helping customers simplify their data center infrastructure by providing validated reference architectures, which include assurance of technology interoperability, ease of deployment and joint support services.
  • Juniper solutions are being integrated into several industry-leading converged stack solutions with global partners, including Atos, FusionStorm, InterCloud Systems, InterVision, ITQAN, Redapt, Technica and VirtualArmor.
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