Monday, 18th February 2019

From threats to protection technologies

Building security technologies that allow us to detect sophisticated targeted attacks is a much more complicated task then creating another extension for an anti-virus. It is not just about a new malware on a given PC or mobile device. It is about looking at the cyber landscape on a much larger scale. It involves analyzing not just the separate files but the whole data flow. Distinguishing thousands of patterns, detecting the usual ones and those that shouldn't be there.

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RSAs Niloofar Razi Howe & Zulfikar Ramzan on the Future of the Market at RSA Charge 2016

Niloofar Razi Howe and Zulfikar Ramzan offer their insights and predictions for the information security and risk management markets at RSA Charge 2016.

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Akamai on how enterprises can achieve optimum digital performance without compromise. AKAMAI - Jo...
John Bird, Senior Security Solutions Strategist for Verizon Enterprise Solutions, and Dave Castignol...
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Case Study: @nifty Delivering IT Security to Their Customers with Kaspersky

NIFTY Corporation is one of the leading Telecoms and Internet Service Providers in Japan, supplying high-speed broadband connectivity to more than 1.39 million broadband users. Providing robust security for the many subscribers to its online services is very important because repeated security breaches or loss of service may result in customers suffering damage or losses - and ultimately leaving NIFTY and moving to competitors' services.

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