What does 2021 hold for the data centre industry?

DCS looks ahead to 2021 with Jim Hart, CEO, and Stephen Whatling, Chairman, Business Critical Solutions (BCS). Energy efficiency and sustainability, edge, investment, Brexit and skills are amongst the topics discussed.
ISG looked at the benefits of converged infrastructures, which combine data center components into centrally managed systems. NFLEX is a pre-configured converged infrastructure solution by NetApp and Fujitsu supporting all three ISG requirements.
Cerner has applied DevOps principles to their capacity management practice – and call it BizOps. This new BizOps model allows them to better service their internal clients – faster, more accurate recommendations that have built the trusted relationships needed for fast, efficient service.
Justin Martin, lead of capacity management team at Cerner, talks about his goals for the capacity management team – staying ahead of the business needs.
Hear LinkedIn’s senior SRE, Todd Palino, share how the company continually improves the state of its infrastructure, so that the developers who are rolling out applications have a framework that they can do it within, and they can do it safely. LinkedIn currently generates over 50 terabytes a day of unique metrics on applications. No human is going to look at 50 terabytes a day of data and get anything useful out of it, so LinkedIn relies on systems give them some useful signal out of all that noise. By moving down the road of machine learning, LinkedIn can now do anomaly detection using machine learning models.
Learn how Grecotel is able to get more for less with fully remanufactured IT products from the HPE Renew program and provide a premier experience for their Hotel customers.
As smart as technology gets, human instinct is key. Formula 1 racing champion driver Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes-AMG Petronas CEO Toto Wolff share how data + driver instinct equals success.