Thursday, 21st February 2019

What does the 2018 World Cup teach us about resilience?

By Sandra Bell, Head of Resilience, Sungard Availability Services.

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Possibilities unlocked with Virtual Reality

By Mike Guinan, Workstation Sales Lead, Dell UK.

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DataOps: bridging the divide

By Eric Schrock, CTO at Delphix.

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Navigating the 21st century IT landscape

By Neil Bramley, B2B Client Solutions Business Unit Director, Toshiba Northern Europe.

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When is the word ‘disruption’ actually meaningful?

Is disruption another buzzword soon to be outdated, or should businesses be paying attention to disruption in their industries? Hastee Pay CTO Peter Ingram explores the depth of the D-word.

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Latest Video

Huawei Agile Solution Improves Jumeirah Group

Huawei helps the Jumeirah Group build a robust and agile IT department to support the rapid business expansion of the group.

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