New research reveals the barriers stopping security professionals from having a good day at work

New research has revealed that just 7% of UK IT professionals believe security is at the forefront of their organisation's thinking, despite the fact that 62% say security risks and pressures from their employers have increased.

Many industries face increasing IT security threats, but this research shows that UK organisations may not be taking cyber security and their IT teams seriously.

Perhaps even more worrying, IT professionals have indicated that they are increasingly stressed and the organisations they work for are not taking precautionary measures to prevent cyber attacks.

All of this adds up to one in four IT professionals regularly experiencing bad days at work.

The headline results show that;

Just 7% of respondents believe security is at the forefront of their organisation's thinking, despite the fact that 62% of respondents say security risks and pressures from their employers have increased.

92% agree that security risks have increased in the last five years.

53% of IT leaders report feeling more stressed about security concerns at work.

48% feel that rapid/forced deployment of new tools as a result of hybrid working has caused them challenges around security.

Over 40% of IT professionals believe there is insufficient training and resources available to support them on a daily basis.

Commissioned by IT infrastructure solutions provider, CAE Technology Services Ltd, (CAE), the independent market research report titled, ‘The enjoyment index for IT leaders and professionals’ was conducted in October 2022.

It investigated the satisfaction levels of over 200 IT leaders and professionals working in UK organisations where the IT function supports between 250 and 2,499 users.

This has allowed CAE to uncover the issues that really matter to IT professionals and the real challenges that organisations are facing on a day-to-day basis when it comes to cyber security.

Commenting on the results, Dene Lewis, Head of Technical Strategy and Direction at CAE, said, “If we look at where we are as an IT industry, we are seeing global-scale growth in threat actor activity in the cyber security space, these results should read like a klaxon going off, raising the alarm that it’s time UK organisations increase the priority given to preventative IT security measures - and to give much-needed support to IT professionals.”

The report also offers UK organisations pointers for how they can dial up more good days.

The survey’s findings point to a time of transition in IT circles in 2023, as workers seek smarter, more automated security tools to relieve them of more monotonous tasks – and to open up the more proactive and strategic aspects of their roles.

Louise Mahrra, Head of Marketing at CAE adds, “The research highlights some unexpected challenges faced by IT professionals which organisations must act on, immediately. Such as training and the availability of resources with over 40% of IT professionals believing there is insufficient training and resources available to support them on a daily basis.

Organisational leaders should take serious note of this research, especially as we are in a time when workers are seeking smarter, increasingly automated security tools to relieve them of more mundane and repetitive tasks.”

Lewis concludes, “If you look at the last few years, we’ve seen a real sea-change in security architectures and hybrid working impacting how organisations manage their IT security and those who provide it. Organisations must act now to ensure they have a secure business and a happy, healthy workforce.”

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