Orchestrating the CX capability

Leveraging the power of Enlighten AI to orchestrate consumer interactions for interruptible digital and voice engagements across agent and agentless journeys at massive scale.

NICE says it is the the first to orchestrate synchronous and asynchronous interactions at scale, with Enlighten Journey Orchestration. Enlighten Journey Orchestration achieves a new level of understanding consumer needs events with real-time Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and application of Enlighten AI Intent Classification models built on decades of data. Additionally, Enlighten Journey Orchestration executes real-time responses engaging self-service, proactive, knowledge or agent engagements based on the actions and outcomes of an organisation’s most successful interactions.

With this advancement, organisations use Enlighten AI’s pre-built models to unlock the huge value from their historical interaction data. Enlighten Journey Orchestration automatically determines all the ways that consumers express themselves both digitally and with voice to understand deep levels of consumer intent. Enlighten Journey Orchestration identifies the optimal execution paths by identifying those historical interactions that generate the high sentiment values/results with the shortest effort.

Enlighten Journey Orchestration uses this unlocked value in its self-service capabilities to understand intent to a new level of accuracy and to engage the perfect tools both agent and agentless that achieve an optimal outcome all in real-time.

NICE is an industry-recognised Artificial Intelligence leader offering best-in-class technology that combines the largest CX data set with its broad CX Domain experience. NICE is not only using Enlighten AI to present insights such as consumer sentiment, agent behaviours, or predictions such as a consumer’s likelihood to churn or buy. With this breakthrough, NICE is using Enlighten AI at the heart of its CXone Platform to complete decisions in real-time to understand intent and orchestrate successful journeys.

“We have continued our journey to move AI to the mainstream in CX with the goal of helping the industry achieve digital fluency,” said Barry Cooper, President, CX Division, NICE, “With the exciting advancements in Enlighten Journey Orchestration, front-end applications are not just smarter and with more interesting insights, customers can now accelerate their digital and self-service transformations with embedded technology at the heart of the journey.”

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