John B. Sanfilippo & Son combats persistent email attacks

John B. Sanfilippo and Son, Inc (JBSS), one of the largest nut producers in the world, has adopted Cyren Inbox Security to proactively combat ransomware threats and meet evolving cybersecurity insurance requirements.

For JBSS, its approach to cybersecurity is simple: a process of "continuous improvement." Their cybersecurity strategy is to stay proactive and ahead of any unacceptable cybersecurity risks, be they financial loss or reputational damage. Although the company had a handle on email protection, the dramatic rise in ransomware threats and changes to cyber insurance policies prompted the company to seek additional capabilities to improve their ability to detect and respond to latent social engineering threats in employee mailboxes.

JBSS was able to deploy Cyren Inbox Security to all users in less than 10 minutes. The JBSS team recorded an immediate drop in the number of phishing and Business Email Compromise (BEC) emails that bypassed Microsoft 365 Defender within the initial weeks of deployment. Cyren Inbox Security also provides JBSS with real-time and complete visibility into social engineering emails that evade Microsoft 365 Defender. This thorough visibility into email threats and the automated incident response provided by Cyren enables JBSS' security team to measure the reduction of time spent on email investigation and incident response workflows.

With Cyren Inbox Security, JBSS has also dramatically reduced time spent on administration activities, increasing overall productivity within the security team. According to George Johnson, Vice President of IT at JBSS: "During the Proof of Concept, we were immediately impressed with the effectiveness of Cyren Inbox Security and the minimal resources needed from our team to reduce email threats within our environment."

"As malicious content continues to arrive in users' mailboxes, cybersecurity teams are in a race against time to find and delete threats before they cause harm to the business," said Lior Kohavi, Chief Strategy Officer at Cyren. "Cyren Inbox Security has lifted this burden for the team at JBSS and helped them maximize their investments in complementary solutions like Microsoft 365 Defender and user security awareness training."

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