HyperAutomation platform to deliver transformed digital experiences for employees and customers

TrustPortal has built what it says is the first enterprise-scale HyperAutomation platform capable of transforming the digital experiences of customers and employees across the front to the back-office.

The platform achieves this by intelligently orchestrating people, software robots, AI and digital tech to seamlessly interact in real-time as unified super resources, working to deliver what was previously impossible: transformed end-to-end, digital services, of any complexity and business function, across multiple channels. TrustPortal’s capabilities are already being proven to transform ways of working within organisations including Telefonica, MetLife and EDF, with unmatched ease, speed and scale - regardless of legacy IT environment constraints.


Telefonica Spain is using TrustPortal’s platform across its 12,000-seat contact centre to achieve 50% faster service completion times and 30% cost reductions – while accelerating even greater work performance, quality, value and +5 Net Promoter scores. Telefonica is now looking to deliver wider-scale digital services transformation for customers and employees, even higher productivity and further service innovations. TrustPortal is helping other organisations to deliver end-to-end process digitisation within multi-channel contact centres, shared services and BPO, and employee self-service and back-office.


Chris Lamberton, TrustPortal’s CEO said, “Our advanced HyperAutomation platform’s totally unique architecture makes it the only way of liberating enterprises from the constraints of legacy IT environments, their manual, paper-heavy processes, and the complexity and cost of digitising their entire end-to-end services. Crucially, we’re advancing HyperAutomation beyond the hype. We’ve been in long-term stealth mode ensuring that our capabilities are proven and evolved by playing a central role in delivering mission-critical digital services, that translate into hugely valuable ‘digital experience transformation’ for customers and employees, across the front to back-office: generating ROI in months - not years.”


TrustPortal’s patented HyperAutomation platform enables all tasks within any end-to-end work process to be optimally performed by the best ‘workers’ and tools; people, multi-vendor robots, TrustPortal’s API and Tasks MiniBots, AI and digital tech. These workers and tools are intelligently augmented and orchestrated in real-time, using dynamic digital UI’s to seamlessly operate together: precisely choreographed so they digitally transform entire processes at speed - hugely simplifying and enhancing employee and customer interactions.


In another first, the platform also enables multiple robots from UiPath, Automation Anywhere, Blue Prism and Microsoft to be mixed and matched to perform tasks within a process: generating significant cost savings. TrustPortal’s newly created super-efficient API MiniBots can call multiple APIs to generate further savings, processing speed and productivity: enabling 1 robot to support 10-15 people. TrustPortal’s Tasks MiniBots also reduce the expense of requiring separate BPM tools.


These capabilities are immediately available to employees via dynamically generated digital interfaces, at all stages of an end-to-end process - across every channel including IVR, telephony, email, SMS, websites, mobile apps, chatbots. Customers can also experience transformed services by self-serving through any digital channel – via dynamic digital interfaces with simple robot-guided interactions. Transformed end-to-end processes can be delivered to everyone, in any location, using any device: allowing home and mobile working, for any process - regardless of existing constraints.


Here’s an example of how TrustPortal’s platform can transform employee and customer digital experiences across the contact centre. 


A customer interaction via IVR activates multiple robots to gather information from multiple systems, and robots dynamically generate agent-friendly interfaces from this information dynamically adapted for the specific customer’s needs. All of this is instantly performed before the call is transferred to an agent. So instead of the agent spending minutes working across multiple systems, robots immediately provide them with deep “Customer 360” insights. Contextual “Agent Assist” AI also helps agents to swiftly solve any issue, while robots perform further checks – while providing agents with next best interactions and upsell/cross-sell opportunities. 


Lamberton adds, “So now typical a process involving too much call waiting, re-providing information and lots of manual form filling is now completed on average 50% faster. Even complex processes can be completed in minutes - rather than hours or even days. With TrustPortal, hugely productive employees can provide fast high-quality services using a single system - requiring minimal training and without stress. Delighted customers are served efficiently and receive a consistent, interactive and accessible experience.”


TrustPortal’s ‘out of the box’ platform requires no coding, major system integration, process change or mass data migration - just seamless operation on top of any legacy IT estate.  All multi-robot, multi-AI tool digital interactions can be embedded into existing employee and customer systems to remove the need for retraining – including integrating to CRM, BPM, ERP, intranet sites and more. 


Lamberton concludes, “With TrustPortal, transformed digital services that would take IT programs and vast teams months to complete, can now be achieved in weeks - and at only 10% of the cost of existing automation approaches that only partly transform digital services.”


TrustPortal’s platform is natively SaaS but can also be deployed on-premises - with the highest levels of enterprise security, scalability and resilience. Performance testing reveals the platform easily supports tens of thousands of employees and customers concurrently. Hyper-security and governance are also priorities, so all customer data is triple-protected using public-private key encryption, HTTPS connection, coupled with a tamper-proof blockchain.

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