Saturday, 28th November 2020

Virtana integrates with Pure Storage

Enterprises are now provided with real-time insights for assured performance and cost savings as new collaborative platforms identify application relationships.

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Enterprises are struggling with their IT performance, as almost half (47%) admitted they lack visibility and insight into their systems in a recent survey. In response, Virtana, a leader in enterprise hybrid cloud migration and optimization today announced an integration with Pure Storage, an IT pioneer that delivers storage as-a-service in a multi-cloud world.

Integrating visibility of Pure Storage’s FlashArray products into Virtana’s VirtualWisdom platform provides enterprises with real-time insights into the performance, consumption, right-sizing, and service levels of their IT workloads.

The goal of Pure Storage is to eliminate complexity and accelerate business results. The FlashArray products are part of a Modern Data Experience—an all-flash, agile, simple, and Evergreen platform for data storage, enabling customers to take advantage of advances in software, compute, and storage media technologies completely non-disruptively. Virtana’s VirtualWisdom is a platform which assures the performance and availability of mission-critical workloads through AI-powered monitoring analytics and automation.

How it Works: VirtualWisdom ties together visibility of disparate elements of an infrastructure stack—compute, network, cloud—and now includes Pure Storage’s FlashArray elements, allowing visibility and real-time insights into the resource relationships underpinning mission-critical applications. This process provides increased awareness and real-time insights to make informed business-critical decisions.

Benefits: This integration will provide customers with full visualisation of application stacks, allowing them to do the following:

· Understand the data supplied

· Provide the ability to right-size workloads and automatically triage

· Diagnose and provide actionable resolution recommendations before operations teams are even aware of the potential impact

· Provide scalable automatic alarms that align with SLAs: VirtualWisdom will now be able to automatically set alarms on the supporting infrastructure that aligns with service levels and thresholds can be scaled in either direction

According to Ian Wheat, Director of Emerging Technology Alliances, Pure Storage, “Our customers rely on relevant insights provided by our tools about the FlashArray platform—providing a simpler way to aggregate and correlate insights with the infrastructure elements outside of storage is critical to making smart decisions quickly that drive business forward. Virtana has extensive experience in this area and will help many customers avoid costly and time consuming investigations into problem areas.”

John Gentry, Chief Technology Officer, Virtana, explains: “In discussions with the Pure Storage team, we identified critical visibility and monitoring issues facing enterprises. Together, we’ve created a win for the IT teams at major enterprises. This integration with Pure Storage has allowed our solution to meet business needs, particularly in this turbulent climate. Customers are already benefiting from real-time insights into the performance, consumption, and service levels across their entire application infrastructure stack. Pure Storage added incredible value in assuring that this integration optimised all possible benefits for enterprises.”

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