Monday, 6th July 2020

SolarWinds introduces N-central 12.2

SolarWinds has launched SolarWinds N-central 12.2, which hosts a wide range of new features including Network Topology Mapping, Disk Encryption Manager, and enhanced automation and patch capabilities.

The new features in N-central 12.2 meet the needs of managed services providers (MSPs) as they continue to work in increasingly complex IT environments—deepening the company’s commitment to arming technology professionals with the powerful software they need to solve today’s IT management challenges.

For 20 years, SolarWinds has been committed to delivering market-leading network management solutions that give technology professionals the power to successfully monitor and manage complex, evolving networks. The company is expanding its leadership by extending the availability of certain network management features into the SolarWinds MSP platform.

Network Topology Mapping has been added to N-central 12.2 and provides MSPs with a direct, automatic visual of their customer environments right from their desks, with the ability to support in-depth network assessment, plus intuitive visual troubleshooting. With this feature, users can troubleshoot connectivity issues with just one probe, drastically reducing the amount of time—and frustration—spent getting to the root of connectivity issues.

“As an MSP grows, its IT environments become more complex and the requirements evolve. This is why our partners’ feedback is pivotal to the way we develop our products,” said Mav Turner, group vice president of products, SolarWinds MSP. “After listening to our N-central partners, we got to work on enhancing the solution based on what they need to make their jobs easier. The new features integrated within our N-central platform give users clear visibility of their customers’ networks, enhance automation capabilities, and provide additional layers of protection to help keep their networks secure and their customer data safe—even if that data falls into the wrong hands.”

Additional features within N-central 12.2 include:

  • Disk Encryption Manager – Helps secure customer data by rendering the information on their disk drives unreadable to unauthorized users if their end device is lost or stolen. This feature makes it easy to manage, monitor, and report on the encryption status of customer data, and deploys at scale.
  • Automation Manager – Now provides MSPs with more ways to improve their efficiency. This feature can now talk to and act on VMware® environments, making it possible to automate VMware software-related workflows and activities.
  • Patch Manager – Allows MSPs to respond faster to patches. With the separation of the Patch Manager engine from the main N-central engine, this feature better supports the rapid changes typically associated with third-party applications—now enabling more timely patching.
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