Making IT operations 'easy'

Freshservice unified incident response management with AI-enhanced alerting enables any business to anticipate service disruption and minimise impact.

Freshworks Inc.has unveiled new Freshservice® capabilities that mark the company’s move deeper into the $34 billion IT Operations Management (ITOM) market1. Affordable and easy-to-use, Freshservice’s unified incident response management with AI-enhanced alerting enables any business to anticipate service disruption and minimise impact.

“In a world of hybrid working environments with distributed IT teams, the need for systems that ensure service availability has never been higher,” said Prakash Ramumurthy, chief product officer at Freshworks. "By unifying major incident response and IT service request management in one easy to use system, we’re expanding our footprint in a market where modern affordable applications differentiate us amid a sea of costly and complex third-party software.”

“New players focused on one or two major tool categories will continue to cause disruption for large suite vendors,” said Gartner Research Director Laurie Wurster.2

The new Freshservice capabilities, available in November, help IT and engineering teams increase efficiency and reduce downtime. Instead of many manual hours spotting critical alerts and creating or routing tickets in IT service desks, they can focus on root-causing and fixing the problem at hand.

•On-call Management helps IT teams to immediately respond to critical incidents and kickstart collaboration between IT and devops teams to prevent service outages.

•Automated Alert Grouping with machine learning (ML) helps reduce alert noise to identify the most pressing issues first and minimise business impact.

Today, more than 10,000 companies use Freshservice to manage their IT operations on a single platform including Coupa, Databricks, TaylorMade, Vice Media, Shopify, RingCentral, PowerSchool and Multichoice.

Freshservice customer Josh Aldridge, cloud commander at PowerSchool said, “As we rapidly scaled our virtual education products, Freshservice was vital to minimise downtime in our tech stack to keep kids learning. Our engineering teams are able to review major incidents on a weekly basis across the 43 products in our portfolio, which has helped us reduce our rate of issues to change from 10% down to less than 2%.”

Freshservice also integrates directly with Freshdesk™ to unify customer support and internal IT teams to improve agent productivity and visibility across functions. As a result, companies can more quickly solve the most complex customer issues and deliver outstanding service.

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