Monday, 24th February 2020

Solace partners with Boomi

Solace, a leading enabler of event-driven architecture (EDA), and Boomi, a Dell Technologies business, are teaming to provide a cloud-native, event-driven integration platform that can instantly notify applications, connected devices and people around the world when something they are interested in happens.

Gartner recently stated that EDA is at the heart of real-time-sensitive digital business. Organizations capture real-world business events in digital form as they happen by “listening” to event sources like Internet of Things (IoT) devices, mobile applications, ecosystems, and social and business networks.

“Our extensive experience helping capital markets, gaming and telecommunications firms take advantage of event-driven architecture has given us deep expertise in what it takes to reap the rewards of becoming event-driven and real-time,” said Paul Fitzpatrick, chief business development officer, Solace. “The combination of Boomi’s best-in-class integration platform and Solace’s event streaming and management platform gives enterprises of all shapes and sizes the digital backbone they need to innovate and thrive in today’s increasingly real-time world.”

Boomi makes it easy for enterprises to integrate diverse applications across environments so they can automate business processes and engage with customers in a responsive, customized manner. Solace PubSub+ is an event streaming and management platform that enables the design, discovery, streaming and full life-cycle management of events across the distributed enterprise and Internet of Things.

“Our customers are always being asked to do more with less. No one is asking for less data slower, and they have to be able to unify past, present and future data and applications seamlessly within their digital ecosystems,” said Michael Morton, Boomi’s chief technology officer. “Customers are looking to Boomi to help solve their business problems and allowing them to achieve all kinds of business outcomes, faster. To do so they have to connect everything in real-time.”

Growing its EDA partner ecosystem, Boomi is expanding its offering by collaborating with market leaders like Solace with its PubSub+ technology. Starting today, customers can learn and deploy Event-Driven Architecture solutions with Boomi through their new EDA page Boomi’s EDA initiative also focuses on building a strong partner ecosystem with market leaders around message brokers, event meshes, streaming, and pub/sub technology.

The combination of Boomi and Solace PubSub+ is ideally suited to help companies:

  • Modernize their enterprise service bus (ESB) and message-oriented middleware (MOM) infrastructure and migrate applications and other IT assets to the cloud.
  • Integrate assets across multiple lines of business and operating environments, both cloud and on-premises.
  • Break monolithic applications into microservices to improve agility and responsiveness of back-end and customer-facing applications.
  • Implement IoT solutions by using PubSub+ to exchange information and instructions with sensors, smart devices, connected vehicles and more.

With Solace and Boomi’s EDA initiative, customers are now able to get targeted support as they integrate their solutions with existing applications built using Boomi’s suite of tools. Customers interested in EDA and looking to accelerate their implementations can now cut through the noise and expedite their journey.

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