Tuesday, 18th June 2019

Huawei helps customers innovate with Intelligent Cloud Data Centres

At HUAWEI CONNECT 2018, Huawei held a summit themed of “Activate Intelligence: The Innovative Path to Intelligent Cloud Data Centers”. At the summit, Hou Jinlong, President of Huawei’s IT Product Line, delivered a speech “Activate Intelligence: Innovative Path to Huawei Intelligent Full-Stack Cloud”. The representatives from finance, healthcare, energy, and Internet companies shared their joint innovation practices in AI, cloud, and HPC fields. Huawei awarded customers with the “Cloud Data Center Super User Award 2018” to commend their consistent support to Huawei. Also, Huawei released the full-stack private cloud solution FusionCloud 6.5 and introduced the new-generation mission-critical cloud storage FusionStorage. These solutions add new capabilities to Huawei’s substantial array of cloud and storage support to lay a solid foundation for building an intelligent world.

Hou Jinlong said:” Extensive applications of AI technologies drive our society into a more intelligent world. Huawei is committed to integrating AI technologies with IT infrastructure such as cloud data centers, intelligent cloud computing and storage, helping customers create business value in their digital and intelligent transformations by leveraging full-stack cloud solutions with full lifecycle service capabilities and comprehensive ecosystem competitiveness.”

To commend customers’ support, Huawei presented “Cloud Data Center Super User Award 2018”to following Huawei customers:

lBest Innovation Practices of the Year: China Merchants Bank (CMB)

lBest Digital Enterprise Transformation of the Year: Sonatrach

lBest AI Exploration in Healthcare of the Year: KingMed Diagnostics

lBest Cloud Service Deployment of the Year: Sina Corporation

lBest Cloud Data Center Practices of the Year: China Mobile Group Beijing Co., Ltd.

lMost Improved IT Efficiency of the Year: Sberbank of Russia

lBest Cloud Transformation of the Year: Harbin Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd.

lBest Huawei Cloud Practices of the Year: Kingnet Network Co., Ltd.

At this summit, Huawei released the next-generation full-stack private cloud solution FusionCloud 6.5 and introduced the new-generation mission-critical cloud storage FusionStorage.

FusionCloud 6.5 offers many new capabilities:

lCompared to FusionCloud 6.3, FusionCloud 6.5 provides more than 50 cloud services in nine categories. With enhanced capabilities in AI-powered heterogeneous computing, enterprise intelligence, and hybrid cloud, FusionCloud 6.5 allows Huawei’s full-stack AI solutions to be deployed on private cloud platforms and offers cloud-edge-cloud synergy. With an eye toward next-generation networking, FusionCloud 6.5 enables enterprises to extend data from private clouds to the Internet edge.

lHuawei’s FusionCloud solution helps enterprises implement large-scale, intelligent edge-computing management and collaboration. FusionCloud 6.5 also expands the integration of Independent Software Vendor (ISV) algorithms and applications so that ISVs can quickly integrate their AI algorithms and applications into private cloud platforms.

lHuawei’s FusionCloud Private Cloud Solution provides a unified experience that ensures consistent on- and off-premises connectivity through standardized public and private cloud architectures. FusionCloud 6.5 supports today’s increasing demands for cloud-computing services such as Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), and Data-as-a-Service (DaaS).

lFusionCloud 6.5 shares unified architectures, Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), services, and ecosystems with HUAWEI CLOUD to allow users to leverage more than 100 online cloud services. The solution can also connect to Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure, and other third-party public cloud platforms through hybrid clouds. This versatility enables seamless cross-cloud business deployment and migration that provides long-term support for business development. FusionCloud 6.5 provides full-stack services, platform, and ecosystem to help meet customers’ digital transformation requirements.

The new-generation FusionStorage offers advanced cloud storage capabilities for enterprise mission-critical applications:

lFusionStorage leverages the technology innovations of storage software and compatibility with industry-leading hardware to provide the ultimate performance, robust reliability, and on-demand storage resource services for mission-critical applications. With this platform, enterprises can easily cope with the challenges of migrating core applications to the cloud.

lFusionStorage offers distributed linear expansion capabilities that include linear expansion of EB-level storage capacity, IOPS, and throughput. FusionStorage also implements coordinated storage of hybrid cloud data on- and off-premises, and boasts industry-leading reliability and ease of use, so that mission-critical applications can securely run in cloud resource pools.

lFusionStorage also delivers multi-level business continuity assurance for users to deploy on demand. Equipped with Huawei’s unique fully distributed gateway-free active-active solution, FusionStorage provides 99.9999 percent solution-level reliability to ensure uninterrupted business operations in virtualization and database scenarios. Additionally, this solution offers the industry’s only asynchronous replication technology that supports Recovery Point Objective (RPO) at the level of seconds for long-distance data protection scenarios.

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