Monday, 17th June 2019

Buying local pays off for IT Protocol

  Picking a data centre can be a difficult decision. Most likely an organisation’s checklist will include the need for high-tiered facilities offering great connectivity, high broadband speeds and multiple service options. Satisfying these needs will often point to the direction of major cities to be near key business hubs. But thiswas not the case for network security and infrastructure architecture company IT Protocol who decided to buy local in its partnership with colocation provider, Aegis Data just over a year ago.

IT Protocol is based in Guildford, Surrey. Specialising in security services to protect its client’s networks, ranging from vulnerability tests, intrusion prevention, remote authentication, data leakage protection and more. With client’s ranging from SMB’s to large enterprises IT Protocol’s network packages suit a range of businesses and industries.
Originally installed in another data centre providers pod, IT Protocol was forced to relocate owing to the sale of the site. IT Protocol looked for a provider to host and manage its sever and storage systems that was easily accessible to both themselves, located in Guildford, and its clients, some of whom are located in London. After some research, IT Protocol discovered Aegis Data located down the road in Godalming, with a main train station directly into the heart of London.
Aegis’ facility provides highly resilient and optimised data centre environments for its customers' mission critical IT. Its uniqueness comes from its ability to offer cooling efficiencies across all power densities as well as having the power headroom to allow for IT consolidation and growth. The state-of-the-art facility was exactly what IT Protocol required and one where they could be confident that their IT systems could reside in for a long period of time.
“Aegis Data is perfectly located for us so that we can easily access the site at any time should we require. The local train station also serves London directly so this allows our London based clients to visit the site without too much additional hassle,” said Thiew Tan, director, IT Protocol. “With this location comes exceptional connectivity to some of the leading telecoms providers in London and around the UK, ensuring our processing and broadband speeds are always fast and efficient. It also makes a more cost-effective relationship as we are not being forced to pay London rental prices, which is a saving we can pass onto our customers.”
“It has been great working with a local organisation like IT Protocol. Not only does it make our communication and partnership very easy, but it is also a fantastic advertisement for the community showcasing two prosperous local businesses working effectively with each other,” said Greg McCulloch, CEO, Aegis Data.
After meeting and discussing IT Protocol’s requirements, the Aegis team were able to offer a flexible solution that did not require IT Protocol to take up a minimum amount of space within the data centre – often a standard practice within large colocation providers. Without having enough original infrastructure to take on a full rack, Aegis Data provided IT Protocol with the space necessary, as well as additional space within the rack to expand as required.
“We have needed to visit the site several times to install new connections to suit our specific customer demands. Having Aegis located so closely has made this process completely seamless and has also been aided by their flexibility meaning any updates to connections can be made instantly. This speed and efficiency is something that we can then pass on to our customers – something that wouldn’t be possible if we chose a London-based data centre provider,” continued Tan.
Looking at the possibility of expanding its market offering in 2017, IT Protocol said: “There is no doubt in our mind. We have a great relationship with Aegis Data and we look forward to not only continuing it, but expanding it in 2017,” Tan concluded.
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