Thursday, 23rd January 2020

Fujitsu MetaArc enables customers to digitalise with confidence

Digital Business Platform MetaArc embraces the reality of two-speed IT landscapes by providing comprehensive foundations for cloud and digital businesses of the future.

With the global introduction today of its Digital Business Platform MetaArc, Fujitsu outlines its vision for enabling customers to digitalise their business with confidence. MetaArc provides the enabling platform to allow customers to take advantage of key digital capabilities such as Big Data, enterprise mobility and the Internet of Things (IoT) on a global basis.
As enterprises recognise the inevitability that sooner or later, they must tackle the multiple issues related to the reality of bimodal IT1 within their organisation, Fujitsu introduces MetaArc as a digital enablement platform for its customers to thrive in the digital world.
Fujitsu MetaArc encompasses the technologies, tools, services and partnerships needed to establish a strategic cloud foundation with a choice of cloud deployment methods – public, private and hybrid. It supports the delivery of cloud-based ‘Fast IT’, usually driven by business units and generally used for initiatives that explore and exploit innovative digital solutions. MetaArc also supports the modernisation of what Fujitsu calls ‘Robust IT’ systems and enables customers to monetise the value locked in existing data and systems. It achieves this by connecting digital initiatives with core but often legacy systems, usually located on-premise or in a hosted data center, creating hybrid IT landscapes which maximise the value across entire IT infrastructures.
In today’s two-speed IT world, the use of cloud is no longer a competitive advantage, but in fact any organisation that is not using cloud technologies is now finding itself at a competitive disadvantage. MetaArc encompasses the solutions and services that enable our clients to embrace cloud adoption across their entire business. This applies whether in the private sector, with a focus on growth and competitive advantage, or the public sector, driven by an ‘austerity agenda’ or a ‘digital first’ strategy.
Fujitsu highlights that sustained competitive advantage will come by creating a position of balance between both Fast IT and Robust IT systems. This approach exposes and exploits existing data and processes, integrating and orchestrating Fujitsu’s own and third party cloud services, and managing these alongside on-premise IT.
Joel O’Halloran, Senior Vice President, Head of Managed Infrastructure Services and Digital Business Platform, Global Delivery at Fujitsu, says: “Fujitsu Digital Business Platform MetaArc enables customers confidently to embrace the delivery of two-speed business transformation from a position of balance. While modernising their core systems, Fujitsu customers can now simultaneously leverage both the flexibility their business units need, and the visibility, security and cost management responsible organisations require. With MetaArc, Fujitsu reduces the complexity and risks of managing the emerging Hybrid IT environment by providing cloud solutions, expertise and services for both Fast IT and Robust IT systems that integrate and orchestrate both Fujitsu and third-party cloud services.”
Unrivalled Orchestration for all Cloud Platforms
Since most customers’ cloud landscapes are heterogeneous, MetaArc encompasses not only Fujitsu’s own cloud IaaS and PaaS platforms but also third-party cloud services. On top of that, Fujitsu’s professional and managed services framework is enabled by globalised, industrialised services to help modernise established, trusted, Robust IT systems and ensure that they continue to deliver value in a digitalised environment. Customers are assured of the same high quality of service, encompassing technologies, cloud solutions, multi-cloud and Hybrid IT management, professional and managed services and an ecosystem of partners. Cloud-enabled organisations can more easily tap in to key growth drivers such as data analytics, while also mobilising both their applications and their enterprise. Furthermore, they are more easily able to embrace the new challenges and opportunities created by the IoT, which adds billions of connected devices, generating huge new amounts of data and adding complexity to the existing IT landscape.
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