DCS Awards: Und die Gewinner sind... 

Am Donnerstag, den 23. Mai, fand im Millennium Gloucester Hotel und Konferenzzentrum im Herzen von London vor über 300 Gästen aus ganz Europa die DCS-Preisverleihung (Auszeichnungen für Rechenzentrumslösungen) statt.  Der Galaabend bot einen heiteren Auftritt von Komiker Sanderson Jones und Musik von AudioBox. Moderator der DCS-Preisverleihung, die in diesem Jahr von Ark Data Centres unterstützt wurde, war Paul Trowbridge EVITO, dem Schwesterunternehmen von Angel Business Communications. Die Gewinner wurden von der Leserschaft von Angels Print- und Online-Veröffentlichungen ausgewählt. Insgesamt wurden 19 Auszeichnungen verliehen. 

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Enterprises sitting on security ‘time bomb’

Companies are at serious risk of data security breaches as 43 per cent of UK office workers admit to storing enterprise documents on personal cloud tools and services.

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Wearable tech will drive the rise of the ‘human cloud’ of personal data

Rackspace Hosting has announced findings of an in-depth study into the use of wearable technology and its impact on consumers and businesses. The research finds that, although only 18 per cent of UK and US respondents have actually used wearable technology, 82 per cent of those users in America and 71 per cent in Britain believe that these cloud-powered devices have enhanced their lives.

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Respondents cite cloud vulnerabilities, IoT attacks, and data manipulation as most worrisome future threats.
Imation has issued new research highlighting that 44 percent of organisations believe a member of their senior management has lost a mobile device in the last year, whilst 39 percent say senior management had a device stolen.
A10 Networks adds Zero-day Automated Protection (ZAP) capabilities to its leading Thunder Threat Protection System (TPS) family of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) defence solutions. The ZAP capabilities automatically recognise the characteristics of DDoS attacks and apply mitigation filters without advanced configuration or manual intervention. This speeds the response to the increasingly sophisticated multi-vector attacks to minimise downtime and errors and lower operating costs.
Aqua integrates with Datadog to give DevOps teams real-time security metrics and events.
New threat hunting service to protect networks before attacks evolve.
Gospel Technology, a data security startup, has released its first product, Gospel Cloud, to coincide with the business ending its stealth period on the 15th of May.
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Case Study: @nifty Delivering IT Security to Their Customers with Kaspersky

NIFTY Corporation is one of the leading Telecoms and Internet Service Providers in Japan, supplying high-speed broadband connectivity to more than 1.39 million broadband users. Providing robust security for the many subscribers to its online services is very important because repeated security breaches or loss of service may result in customers suffering damage or losses - and ultimately leaving NIFTY and moving to competitors' services.

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