Höchste Sicherheit für Patientendaten: HS256S stellt "digitale Schweigepflicht" in Arztpraxen sicher

Wer zum Arzt geht, der muss vertrauen: In erster Linie in die Kompetenz und Professionalität des Mediziners. Aber auch darauf, dass dieser Daten zur Person und Diagnose nicht nur vertrauensvoll behandelt, sondern auch zuverlässig schützt

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Der Informationsrisiko-Index:

Warum die Bewertung von Informationsrisiken für mittelständische und große Unternehmen entscheidend sein kann

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Zscaler unveils Mobile Security solution

Zscaler has announced the release of the Zscaler Mobile Security Solution, extending the benefits of the Zscaler Network to enable centrally-managed advanced threat protection, real-time visibility and granular policy controls for mobile devices deployed in BYOD, corporate-issued and hybrid environments. Zscaler also announced partnerships with Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions, integrating Mobile Security to complement provisioning and auditing capabilities.

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Civo has published new research, finding that 53% of developers are concerned about the security of Kubernetes.
Hornetsecurity’s 365 Permission Manager delivers effortless permissions management for Microsoft 365.
World Password Day was first initiated by Intel back in 2013, as a timely reminder for all to reassess passwords, and review the defences you have in place. A weak password can leave you vulnerable to hackers, and with recent research showing there is a hacker attack roughly every 39 seconds, it’s vital to ensure tough measurements are in place. So, this World Password Day, six experts have shared their top tips with Digitalisation World as to how best make sure your password is strong and secure.
New integration transforms automation process for security operations at scale.
Aligning with one of Gartner’s key trends for 2021 - Cybersecurity Mesh, - “a distributed architectural approach to scalable, flexible and reliable cybersecurity control” - Logicalis is shifting the focus from the traditional, risk focussed approach to security to one that empowers the digital workplace with data-driven managed security services.
Report finds only nine percent of EMEA security professionals feel today’s on-premise tools are adequate for the cloud.
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Case Study: @nifty Delivering IT Security to Their Customers with Kaspersky

NIFTY Corporation is one of the leading Telecoms and Internet Service Providers in Japan, supplying high-speed broadband connectivity to more than 1.39 million broadband users. Providing robust security for the many subscribers to its online services is very important because repeated security breaches or loss of service may result in customers suffering damage or losses - and ultimately leaving NIFTY and moving to competitors' services.

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