Sunday, 20th October 2019

Super-fast IoT enabled 5G is right around the corner, or Is It?

By Steven Carlini, Sr Director, Data Center Global Solutions, Schneider Electric.

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Outdated VPN remote access puts critical national infrastructure organisations at risk

Particularly for critical national infrastructure organisations who cannot afford to let high value data or control of critical systems get into the wrong hands.  By Paul Darby, Regional Director - EMEA, Vidder.

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Blended Connectivity: The Key to Unlocking IoT at Scale

Arguably one of the biggest challenges facing UK businesses in the coming year is the continued confusion regarding access to Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWANs) that is essential to support the deployment of IoT at scale. At a time when organisations are being actively encouraged by the government to invest in innovation to drive up productivity, the continued prioritisation of broadband as a digital economy enabler is short-sighted. IoT is a technology that is set to deli...

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Smarter, Faster and Simpler – The Three Keys to Better Traffic Monitoring

By Alastair Hartrup, Global CEO of Network Critical.

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Technical Discussion: High Performance IP Replication

Why is it so challenging to achieve high performance IP Replication over distance between data centers? Check out Brocade subject matter experts discussing the challenges of achieving high performance IP replication over distance, including how Brocade addresses this architecturally and test results comparing IP storage replication workloads showing you the level of performance you can achieve with Brocade's solution.

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