Monday, 11th November 2019

How to diffuse the IT blame game

By Keith Bromley, Senior Solutions Marketing Manager, Ixia.

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Ten reasons for embracing SDN as part of digital transformation

By Tony Judd, Managing Director, Enterprise EMEA at Verizon.

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Why SD-WAN is the ‘next big thing’ of the networking world

By Jens Leuchters, SVP Network Services at NTT Europe.

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An introduction to ‘software-defined everything’

‘Software-defined everything’ is a marketing phrase that is gaining traction; it is regularly referenced in business and technology publications, with many thought leaders predicting it to be the next big IT disruptor. But what is this software-defined trend and is it something IT teams should be mindful of? Albie Attias, managing director of IT hardware supplier, King of Servers, explores the trend.

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Four strategies to prevent data encryption from hijacking your network

By Lora O'Haver, Senior Solutions Marketing Manager, Ixia.

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It’s time to make connectivity smarter

By Nic Elliott, CTO, Evolving Networks.

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Latest Video

Technical Discussion: High Performance IP Replication

Why is it so challenging to achieve high performance IP Replication over distance between data centers? Check out Brocade subject matter experts discussing the challenges of achieving high performance IP replication over distance, including how Brocade addresses this architecturally and test results comparing IP storage replication workloads showing you the level of performance you can achieve with Brocade's solution.

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