How can organisations unlock the true value of their data?

By John Pocknell, Data Solutions Evangelist, Quest Software.

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Data strategy - the bridge to the post-pandemic economy

Nearly all senior business decision-makers (96%) surveyed report data strategies as essential to their organisations’ positive performance, including an average of 5.97% higher profit growth.

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75% of surveyed CIOs struggle to unlock data insights within their organisation

While 78% of businesses realise the value of digital transformation, only a quarter are using data to drive business strategy.

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Delivering valuable information from the data stack

Michael Queenan, Co-Founder and CEO of Nephos Technologies, explains the importance of understanding the whole data stack – the storage and the governance as well as the analytics – in order to turn the raw data into valuable, actionable information. Michael also details how his company is helping customers on their ‘data literacy’ journey, most recently with the introduction of a Data Governance as a Service solution.

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More than 87 per cent of organisations are classified as having low business intelligence (BI) and analytics maturity, according to a survey by Gartner, Inc. This creates a big obstacle for organisations wanting to increase the value of their data assets and exploit emerging analytics technologies such as machine learning.
Study identifies pressures to capitalize on a new era and the opportunity found in data.
Consultancy from customer engagement experts NGDATA has secured data-fluent operation following Thames Valley’s 2018 partnership with Metropolitan Housing Trust.
Harvard Business Review Analytic Services, in association with Cloudera, reveals enterprise IT mandate to protect data and minimize risk at odds with business needs for speed and agility.
North West London Collaboration of Clinical Commissioning Groups (NWL CCGs) is one of the largest in the country and when COVID-19 struck it was faced with the challenge of harnessing the right data to ensure hospitals were not overwhelmed and critical care could be prioritised for those most in need.
Talend is working with  Save the Children UK (SCUK) to improve its data management and quality processes so it can help more children around the world. Save the Children UK is a non-profit organization that delivers program and advocacy work both globally and in the UK across a broad range of issues affecting child survival, learning and protection in humanitarian emergencies caused by armed conflict, preventable diseases and natural disasters. 
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Enhancing the dining experience for McDonald’s Belgium

McDonald’s Belgium partnered with Purple, Cisco Meraki and Socialspot to deliver a fast, free and secure guest WiFi network in over 80 restaurant locations across Belgium.

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