Wednesday, 19th February 2020

Shopping for databases: finding the right fit for retailers and eCommerce companies

By Luke Whitehead, head of European marketing, Couchbase.

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Bringing remote users in from the cold

By David Trossell, CEO and CTO of Bridgeworks.

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IoT by 2020

By Abhijit Roy, Associate Director – M2M/IoT Practice at Happiest Minds.

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Should you be investing your money In technology

The bewildering growth of technology would appear to make the investment in tech companies an obvious choice. After all, technology only seems to gather pace with each innovation coming on stream. So, is this where your money should be invested? asks Patrick Vernon.

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Why retailers should recruit a Chief Omnichannel Officer now

By Salil Godika, President and Chief Strategy Officer, Happiest Minds.

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Security of the IoT in business

By Klaus Gheri, VP Network Security at Barracuda Networks.

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Huawei Agile Solution Improves Jumeirah Group

Huawei helps the Jumeirah Group build a robust and agile IT department to support the rapid business expansion of the group.

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