Thursday, 13th August 2020

The slow journey to the paperless factory

Sure, a sheet of A4 is convenient. But your data won't be exact or real time.By Kevin Bull, product strategy director at Columbus UK.

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The customer must be at the centre of the digital strategy

Break down internal barriers to deliver highly tailored products and services.By Colin Masson, global industry director of manufacturing solutions at Microsoft.

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The AI capabilities of Google Cloud Platform

By Chris Cox, Technical Lead, Google Cloud Platform, CTS.

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Why Blockchain will Change Industries

By Karl-Heinz Streibich, CEO, Software AG.

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Managing the stress of a machine to machine world

By Paul Bell, VP Enterprise in Europe, CommScope.

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Co-bots not robots: how AI is transforming audit analytics

Accountancy, like most other verticals in the digital age, is in the jaws of a revolution powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI). Across the board, the application of intelligent systems is redefining the way we work and forcing us to re-programme how we conduct our business. As Eli Fathi, CEO,  MindBridge Analytics Inc, explains, it’s an opportunity to be grabbed.

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Latest Video

Huawei Agile Solution Improves Jumeirah Group

Huawei helps the Jumeirah Group build a robust and agile IT department to support the rapid business expansion of the group.

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