Wednesday, 21st August 2019

“What Just Happened?”

By Franek Sodzawiczny, Founder and CEO, Zenium.

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Do we really need Icelandic data centres?

Asks Kate Craig-Wood is MD of cloud hosting provider, Memset.

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Design for operation is the key to success

When customers are looking to build a new data centre, they often lose sight of the operational aspects of the facility.  ‘Design for operation’ is a new approach which focuses on the long term running of the facility when considering the initial design and one that we, as an industry, should be championing. Richard Clifford, Data Centre Consultant at Keysource explains.

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Why data centre providers can no longer afford to ignore DCIM

David Watkins, Service Delivery Director, VIRTUS Data Centres,  discusses the growth of Data Centre Infrastructure Management systems and the need for widespread adoption.

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A change in tide: P.U.E vs W.U.E

By Tim Bound, Director Transtherm.

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Equinix Insider - White Ops President & COO, Eddie Schwartz

Eddie has over 25 years experience in information security, including recent work as the CISO of RSA, the Security Division of EMC, and Co-Founder/CSO of NetWitness.

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