Six key design tricks to make potential customers click

By Jake Davis, Design Director, Pocket App.

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Reining in on industrial automation: The benefits of cloud computing in the manufacturing industry

The domestic canary isn’t what most of us would consider a tool for industrial labour. But in 1988, hundreds of these birds were made redundant from their small, yet significant roles in Britain’s coal mining industry. Earlier mines lacked air ventilation, which meant these ill-fated birds were favoured as the gas detectors of choice. Today, advancements in connectivity and the introduction of cloud computing are making monitoring industrial environments a lot more sophisticated. As we enter the era of the smart factory, Johannes Petrowisch, Global Partner & Business Development Manager of industrial automation software expert, COPA-DATA, discusses the benefits of cloud computing for the manufacturing industry.

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Why APIs are key to successful digital transformation

By Monica Brink, EMEA Marketing Director, iland.

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APIs: A key to successful digital transformation

By Monica Brink, EMEA Marketing Director, iland.

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Cash to cash-free: best practices for digital payments

By Duncan Hughes, Systems Engineering Director, EMEA, A10 Networks.

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Digital transformation done right

Top three tips to get value from digital-first strategies.By Richard Whomes, Senior Director Sales Engineering, Rocket Software.

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Embedding a culture of innovation is key to retaining your best and brightest

Peter Groucutt discusses how SMEs can avoid expected high tech staff turnover in 2017.

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Of digitalisation and deregulation

By John Newton, CTO and Founder of Alfresco’s 2017 Predictions

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Mobility, machines and analytics

From Marcus Adae, VP Strategic Suppliers at Avnet Technology Solutions EMEA.

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2017: Big software is changing everything in the data centre

By Anand Krishnan, EVP and GM of Canonical’s Cloud Division.

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Virtualisation: the future of data centres for SMEs

By Hiren Parekh, Director of Sales & Marketing at OVH UK.

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Richard Stevenson, CEO of Red Box, discusses the results of the company’s recent ‘Being Human’ report, which provides some valuable insights into the Conversational AI market – how its use is already helping to improve customer and employee experiences, as well as contributing to fraud prevention. Richard also discusses the roadblocks that need to be overcome before the technology becomes pervasive.
Park Place Technologies has been on quite some journey, as the company has grown from its core Third Party Maintenance focus to today’s data centre network optimisation specialist organisation. Ian Shearer, Managing Director, APAC & EMEA, Park Place Technologies, discusses recent developments at the company, which include several acquisitions, technical solution and professional services innovations.
Richard Hoptroff, Founder and CTO (Chief Time Officer) of Hoptroff, discusses the importance of developing the accurate time solutions on which more and more digital applications rely. The company’s pedigree in the financial sector means it is well placed to meet this demand across many industry sectors, including IoT, aerospace, defence, media, autonomous vehicles and smart cities.
The opening of Telehouse South at its London Docklands campus might represent something of a change for Telehouse, as it represents an ‘ambitious and aesthetic’ refurbishment of an existing data centre, as opposed to a new build, but it continues the company’s focus of providing high level colocation facilities, where latency, cloud, connectivity and sustainability all have key roles to play. Mark Pestridge, Senior Customer Experience Director, Telehouse Europe, explains all.


Calls for greater transparency from data centre industry.
Nytro 5550 and 5350 NVMe SSDs deliver high performance, efficiency, and increased storage density for data centres.
According to a recently published report from Dell’Oro Group, data center physical infrastructure (DCPI) revenues are forecast to grow at an 8 percent compound annual growth rate (CAGR) from 2021 to 2026, to above $31 billion. Growth is forecast to remain resilient, driven by sustainability-minded data center expansion from cloud and colocation service providers, despite near-term supply chain constraints persisting and macroeconomic headwinds forming.
New study reveals enthusiasm among business leaders for Metaverse working.