Possibilities unlocked with Virtual Reality

By Mike Guinan, Workstation Sales Lead, Dell UK.

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Navigating the 21st century IT landscape

By Neil Bramley, B2B Client Solutions Business Unit Director, Toshiba Northern Europe.

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When is the word ‘disruption’ actually meaningful?

Is disruption another buzzword soon to be outdated, or should businesses be paying attention to disruption in their industries? Hastee Pay CTO Peter Ingram explores the depth of the D-word.

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Paradise lost and found: how AI and analytics found the UK’s best place

By John Spooner, Head of Data Science at SAS UK & Ireland.

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Safeguarding your job through the robotic revolution

By Neil Kinson, Chief of Staff, Redwood Software.

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Healthcare in 2040: How robots could transform the NHS

By Eli Neale, Client Services Manager, Softwire.

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Getting data literate for the fourth industrial revolution

By Jordan Morrow, Qlik Global Head of Data Literacy.

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Where does the digital transformation nightmare end? Right here, right now.

By Stuart Sharp, Global Director of Solutions Engineering at OneLogin.

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Bridge the IT skills gap, Hal

Artificial intelligence (AI) hasn’t always had favourable representation in pop culture. In Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968), homicidal supercomputer Hal demonstrated how AI could surpass the intelligence of a human — and for humans, the results weren’t so great. In reality, AI threatens our jobs more than our lives. Here, Graham Smith, head of marketing at Microsoft recruitment partner Curo Talent, explains why IT workers needn’t worry about the AI takeover.

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How retailers can boost customer satisfaction over the coming years

By Daren Howell, Business Continuity Expert, Sungard Availability Services.

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Five steps to preparing for Digital Transformation

By Terri Hiskey, vice president, global product marketing for manufacturing, Epicor Software.

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Matt Howard, SVP and Chief Marketing Officer at Virtru, provides some great insights into the Trusted Data Format (TDF) and explains why the time is right to launch the OpenTDF Project – giving the developer community the opportunity to address the many security complexities of the digital data ecosystem.
Richard Hoptroff, Founder and CTO (Chief Time Officer) of Hoptroff, discusses the importance of developing the accurate time solutions on which more and more digital applications rely. The company’s pedigree in the financial sector means it is well placed to meet this demand across many industry sectors, including IoT, aerospace, defence, media, autonomous vehicles and smart cities.
Tim Richards, the new Hoptroff CEO, talks through the opportunities to grow the business as it continues to provide timestamping and synchronised time technology solutions for its core financial market, alongside significant growth in a whole series of automation applications – driverless cars, 5G-enabled and smart cities to name but a few – where accurate time is crucial.
Richard Stevenson, CEO of Red Box, discusses the results of the company’s recent ‘Being Human’ report, which provides some valuable insights into the Conversational AI market – how its use is already helping to improve customer and employee experiences, as well as contributing to fraud prevention. Richard also discusses the roadblocks that need to be overcome before the technology becomes pervasive.


Combining four channels of spectrum on a 5G standalone network.
Fears over employees ignoring security advice and ransomware attacks evolving beyond company capabilities outweigh personal job security.
97% of UK government, defence and aerospace organisations face barriers to achieving digital advantage.
Infinidat's InfiniBox SSA II received a Best of Show Award at the Flash Memory Summit 2022.