Meet the Prairie Dogs: Preventing Future Attacks

All seems peaceful in the burrow, but watch how the prairie dogs respond after an attack and fortify their defenses. Check out our series of videos to see how the prairie dogs use Cisco's simple, open, and automated approach to security to effectively fend off predators from every angle.

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CenturyLink Business: It is Time to Calculate the Cost of Digital Security

Dale Partridge, founder of, explains the importance of digital organization and the risks associated with disorderly data. Regardless if your business is small or mid-sized, it's only as strong as the technology that protects it.

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From threats to protection technologies

Building security technologies that allow us to detect sophisticated targeted attacks is a much more complicated task then creating another extension for an anti-virus. It is not just about a new malware on a given PC or mobile device. It is about looking at the cyber landscape on a much larger scale. It involves analyzing not just the separate files but the whole data flow. Distinguishing thousands of patterns, detecting the usual ones and those that shouldn't be there.

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Transaction would strengthen Mitel’s position in multiple geographies and segments while reinforcing the company’s commitment to delivering choice and flexibility for business communications customers.
NTT leads the way for green technologies in data centres with first deployment of Liquid Immersion Cooling (LIC) and Direct Contact Liquid Cooling (DCLC) technologies in India.
Datto has introduced its second-generation family of cloud managed switches, along with global expansion of the early access for its secure remote access solution, Datto Secure Edge. These new networking solutions complement Datto’s existing product lines of Wi-Fi 6 access points and integrated secure routers.
Infosys is bridging technology and purpose at the Australian Open (AO) 2023, with empowering technologies for fans, players, coaches, media and the surrounding ecosystem.

Expert Opinions

By Jon McKellar, UK Country Manager at F5.
By Michael O'Donnell, Data Ecosystem Specialist at Quest.