Decide. Commit. Succeed. How Beachbody Moved to a Next-Generation Architecture

Beachbody vaulted over 17 years of legacy system and practices to a community leadership position in our technology culture, embracing a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and Microservice architecture driven world. In this session, learn how Beachbody, a B2C/B2B multi-level marketing company modernized and set the groundwork for its next generation of products and services using the power of open source, and DevOps and service enablement from CA Technologies.

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What is continuous service and how does it help IT departments?

Avoid islands of automation and gain end-to-end visibility over self-service processes. Automic's Senior Director of Product and Solution Marketing, Ralf Paschen, talks us through Automic Continuous Service.

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Together with SAP S 4HANA and Fujitsu into the digital future

Together with SAP S 4HANA and Fujitsu into the digital future.

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Veritas Technologies research exposes how a siloed approach to Kubernetes is opening up organisations to increased cyber threats, with particular concerns over ransomware attacks.
Global IT services company Getronics has awarded Keysource, the data centre and critical environment specialist, a consultancy project to support one of its clients that provides sustainable cloud services. Keysource will be working closely with the Getronics team at its head office in the Netherlands and in its Data Centre in Runcorn in the UK.
New capabilities further simplify the Kubernetes stack, helping to streamline and standardize application development and management from the datacenter to the edge to multiple public clouds.
Study reveals that lagging cloud governance strategies and legacy infrastructures are hindering organisations’ abilities to adequately protect their people and defend against data loss from cloud and web threats.

Expert Opinions

By Graham Jarvis, Lead Journalist – Business and Technology
By Richard Melick, Director, Product Marketing for Endpoint Security at Zimperium.
Dr Nando de Freitas, a lead researcher at Google’s DeepMind, recently grabbed tech headlines with his claim that humanity is closer than ever to creating artificial general intelligence. Although hotly contested by many in the sector, this type of technology would have a profound impact on the business community, its operations and how it approaches customer interactions. Instead of training algorithms on existing data sets, super AI might be able to listen, read emotion and extract information in a way that mimics human understanding.
By Shai Haim, Radware’s 5G network security specialist.