Zero Trust Authentication (ZTA) promises a password-less future

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Jasson Casey, CTO, Beyond Identity, discusses the company’s development of Zero Trust Authentication, which looks set to be a key component of a wider, truly optimised enterprise Zero Trust Security solution. He emphasises that, while detection and response has a role to play, there needs to be a renewed focus on the prevention part of any meaningful cybersecurity strategy.
NIFTY Corporation is one of the leading Telecoms and Internet Service Providers in Japan, supplying high-speed broadband connectivity to more than 1.39 million broadband users. Providing robust security for the many subscribers to its online services is very important because repeated security breaches or loss of service may result in customers suffering damage or losses - and ultimately leaving NIFTY and moving to competitors' services.
John Bird, Senior Security Solutions Strategist for Verizon Enterprise Solutions, and Dave Castignola, RSA's Senior Vice President of Global Sales, discussed what an MSSP is and is not, how organizations should decide whether the MSSP model is right for them.
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