Automation, DevOps and Containers with Dell EMC Storage

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Learn how you can take advantage of Dell EMC integrations with powerful automation platforms.
How the Splunk team uses DevOps methodologies to help with automation strategies, application deployment, and building a demo environments and workshops.
Almost every organization is exploring data and cloud technologies as part of their digital transformation journey. A leading vehicle manufacture was able to harness the power of its data with application workflow orchestration to reduce fleet downtime by 40%. See how they: - Built an advanced predictive maintenance program using IoT, Big Data and Machine Learning - Ran a dynamic big data pipeline across multi-cloud environments - Delivered cost-saving insights while creating a new revenue stream
Explore powerful use cases for device and service lifecycle management, security policy management, AL/ML enabled operations and agile DevOps-based lifecycle management as we will highlight Cisco's automation framework and best practices.
DW/DCS talks to Richard Clifford, Head of Innovation at Keysource, about the launch of a new facilities maintenance service - Keysource Artificial Intelligence (KAI) - which uses machine learning and artificial intelligence technology to help organisations transform their edge operational management strategy.