Why Business Intelligence Craves More Data | The Element Podcast - E06

When data is your new IP, are you prepared? Hewlett Packard Labs and GlobalFoundries discuss autonomous vehicles and the difference between data as a ‘raw’ materials and transforming data into real-time insights.
Marc Chemin, Global Insights & Data Consulting Leader, shares his view on how our clients can exploit big data and analytics to enhance organizational revenues, customer satisfaction and business processes.
Customer Science company, 84.51", describes how the integration of Big Data Appliance and Exadata reduces complexity and increases speed of projects when working with large volume of data.
Leveraging data and information makes a difference. Shannon Gilbertson, managing director - Accenture Operations, talks about the value of using data to high performance business process outsourcing.
Working with Cloudera, this digital marketing company gained a scalable, high-performance, and flexible data discovery and analytics environment for building sophisticated behavioral targeting and personalization solutions.