Sunday, 31st May 2020

EcoCooling: What’s happening in the data centre right now?

DW talks to Alan Beresford, Managing Director, EcoCooling, about some of the trends and technology developments impacting on a data centre near you right now and into the future.

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EcoCooling '3-Cooler Group' deployed by Etix Blockchain

Etix Blockchain, a division of Etix Group dedicated to provide colocation services for HPC and Blockchain applications and mining as a service capacity, have specified a large number of EcoCooling '3 CloudCooler Group' modules for their new facility in Iceland.

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EcoCooling joins Node Pole Alliance

  • Published on 28 Apr, 2015 in

EcoCooling, the leaders in direct-air evaporative cooling, has joined the Node Pole Alliance, an active international network of over 80 world leading knowledge partners coming together to build the data centres of the future.

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Data centre cooling conundrums

  • Published on 04 Mar, 2014 in

By Alan Beresford Managing and technical director of EcoCooling.

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Cooling solution brings ‘major’ savings

For several years now Data Centres have been cutting the cost of cooling by 80 to 90 per cent thanks to direct-air evaporative cooling. EcoCooling has now developed a smaller unit ideal for the telecoms room and small server rooms which have historically been some of the most expensive locations to cool due to the highly inefficient and often unsuitable refrigeration cooling units deployed.

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Direct-air evaporative cooling becomes mainstream

EcoCooling, leader in direct-air evaporative cooling, has completed its 200th data centre cooling installation using the energy saving technology. “Using CRECs (computer room evaporative coolers) instead of the conventional CRAC units (computer room air conditioning units) can save over 90 per cent of the energy needed to cool a data centre,” said EcoCooling managing and technical director Alan Beresford, “we are very pleased to announce Serve The World as the 200th data c...

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UNUM bucks the trend with private, eco-friendly, data centre

  • Published on 02 Sep, 2013 in

Building data centres for individual businesses might seem a little 20th century. After all, the received wisdom is that cloud providers can do it all. For some companies however, that just isn’t the case. By Alan Beresford of EcoCooling.

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