Sunday, 16th June 2019

Loving what’s inside the box

Unlike previous, software-only offerings, ScaleIO Node takes all the superior capabilities of ScaleIO software, bundles them on EMC commodity servers and delivers them to customers as a packaged offering. This enables customers to quickly deploy a fully architected software-defined, scale-out, server SAN in a pre-validated, tested and configured solution. ScaleIO Node delivers high performance from commodity hardware and is fully supported by one vendor: EMC.

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EMC has been championing the cause of software-defined, scale-out storage by transporting IT organizations and enterprises from a world of siloed infrastructures to the brave new world of converged, seamless compute and storage with ScaleIO. In a recent study, Wikibon predicted the overall growth of the Server SAN market to be about a 23% CAGR from 2014 to 2026, with a faster growth of 38% from 2014 to 2020. As EMC continues delivering software-defined, scale-out, block storage on commodity hardware, customers are experiencing the benefits of extreme performance, massive scalability and superior elasticity. If you still haven’t jumped on the server SAN bus, 2015 is the year to get a pilot project moving. For example, Itrica Corporation, a service provider, claims they’re saving 50% on storage costs and operating overhead has been significantly reduced since deploying ScaleIO. See the video here. Customers are asking: “How easy would it be to deploy software-defined block storage using commodity hardware if you could procure and be supported by a single vendor?” The answer is: “very easy.”

With the advent of the ScaleIO Node, customers can choose how they wish to consume ScaleIO — the software goodies or the nodes with the software bundled inside. Even DIYers can choose their options. The availability of both ScaleIO Node and the ScaleIO software strengthens EMC’s tradition of offering customers choice, and reinforces ScaleIO’s market lead in the fast-growing market of software-defined storage solutions.

EMC ScaleIO Node delivers:

  • Massive Scalability: EMC ScaleIO Node clusters can scale from 3 to 1000+ nodes across multiple racks.
  • Supreme Elasticity: Storage and compute resources can be increased or decreased in small or large increments, “on the fly,” with no downtime.
  • Extreme Performance: Performance scales linearly and, based upon testing against market-leading SAN vendor models, we found this configuration—100 million IOPS from 500 ScaleIO Nodes—to have almost limitless scale. Performance scales linearly, enabling customers to achieve 8x better IOPS performance than traditional SANs.
  • Unparalleled Flexibility: EMC ScaleIO Node is hypervisor and OS agnostic, offers four different chasses types to support different needs and workloads, and provides optional network and rack options.
  • Compelling Economics: Customers can expect higher efficiency resource utilization (power/cooling/space) when compared to their traditional SAN infrastructures.
  • When you’re ready to begin transforming your IT infrastructure, lowering TCO, and enhancing your ability to run traditional and next-generation applications, EMC ScaleIO is ready for you. This fall, it’s time, once again, to get excited about what’s inside the box!