Hornetsecurity releases “Microsoft 365: The Essential Companion Guide”

Hornetsecurity’s essential guide to Microsoft 365 will assist companies with navigating M365 and successfully transitioning to the cloud.

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Hornetsecurity has published Microsoft 365: The Essential Companion Guide. Launched today, this new guide is designed for IT administrators who manage a Microsoft 365 environment, as well as decision-makers looking to gain an overview of what to expect when migrating to the cloud and ways they can adopt services in Microsoft 365 (M365).

Commissioned by Hornetsecurity and written by respected technology author and Microsoft Certified Trainer, Paul Schnackenburg, Microsoft 365: The Essential Companion Guide is a comprehensive resource that provides an in-depth analysis of Microsoft 365 to help users maximize their efforts when using this platform. This guide also provides links to additional resources for a deeper dive into the applications most relevant to businesses’ specific needs.

The guide comprises three core sections, and focuses on the following key areas: 

M365 Basics: Provides a solid foundation with comprehensive descriptions and insights into the core functionalities of Office 365 and Microsoft 365

Managing, Maintaining, and Support for M365: Details the advanced M365 features and configurations. IT administrators can learn effective strategies to manage and maintain their suite to ensure seamless operations for their organization

Security, Backup, and Compliance: Strategies to protect a business’ valuable data and ensure compliance with essential security measures and backup protocols.

The publication of this new guide complements Hornetsecurity’s recent launch of Plan 4 “Compliance & Awareness” of its flagship solution, 365 Total Protection. The new Plan 4 of Hornetsecurity's cloud-based solution is its most comprehensive, taking M365 security management and data protection to the next level by encompassing email security, backup and recovery, compliance, permission management and security awareness. Like Microsoft 365: The Essential Companion Guide, Hornetsecurity's 365 Total Protection Plan 4 assists IT administrators and businesses to best supplement and amplify their M365 security, awareness and compliance from one central console.

“Administrators have a big, and often complex, job on their hands that can become overwhelming given the pace at which technology and business needs continue to advance. Microsoft 365: The Essential Companion Guide will play an important role in giving them a thorough understanding of Microsoft 365 and how to use it to the best of its abilities. With this guide, we want to save time and hassles for M365 administrators, helping them work smarter and not harder,” said Hornetsecurity CEO Daniel Hofmann. 

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