Schneider Electric launches DDI Podcast

The DDI Podcast aims to challenge the misconceptions of the data centre and digital infrastructure sectors, sharing the stories of the people and the businesses transforming life as we know it through tech.

Schneider Electric has launched the DDI Podcast – a brand new podcast platform which aims to challenge and demystify the misconceptions surrounding the digital infrastructure sector, and share key insights from the people and the businesses transforming life as we know it through tech. Hosted by Mark Yeeles, VP Secure Power Division, Schneider Electric UK and Ireland, the DDI Podcast aims to drive a greater understanding of the leading role that digital infrastructure plays in the digital economy and bridge the gap between businesses and consumers. Moreover, by increasing awareness of how technologies support our everyday lives and by telling the stories of the people working within the sector, the company aims to accelerate opportunities to engage those pursuing careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), address the talent shortage, and help encourage a more diverse workforce.

Launching today, the first episode features guest Tom Gorman, Senior Operations Director, EMEA, Digital Realty, and explores Ireland as a tech hub, the local energy and sustainability challenges, and the role of data centres in the digital economy. Across the series, guests will also be covering key topics including the global impact of artificial intelligence (AI), data centres, networks, and the cloud; the energy crisis, renewables, and sustainability; the skills shortage and early talent.

“I’m proud to introduce a new podcast platform as we begin to demystify some of the key questions at the heart of a sector which impacts so many, globally,” said Mark Yeeles, Vice President, Secure Power Division, Schneider Electric, UK and Ireland. “Through the DDI Podcast and our guests, I hope we can not only inform and educate our listeners but help them understand the role of this critical industry, and showcase the achievements of organisations who are leading the charge in sustainability and ultimately, the mission to reach net zero.”

“Data centres are leading the charge in terms of innovation and embracing new technologies,” said Tom Gorman, Senior Director of Operations, EMEA, Digital Realty. “One of the biggest challenges we face is educating people and raising awareness of the industry and how it underpins so much of our everyday lives. I was delighted to be the inaugural guest on the DDI podcast talking to Mark about the sector – discussing some of the key topics, which I hope will encourage others to want to learn more.”

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