SAP’s vision for future-proofed business in the age of AI comes to life

SAP Business AI, the Green Ledger, and business-ready innovations across the portfolio underscore SAP’s commitment to help customers solve their most pressing problems.

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Today, at SAP Sapphire in Orlando, Florida, SAP SE unveiled sweeping innovations and collaborations that propel customers further down the path of progress and give them the tools they need to tackle the future with confidence. These innovations will help customers transform their business models, put sustainability at the centre of their operations and build resilient and agile supply chains. 

AI Built for Business


At the dawn of a new AI era, SAP has re-affirmed its commitment to embedding powerful AI capabilities into solutions across its portfolio to help customers solve business-critical problems and strengthen the SAP ecosystem with significant new partnerships,  including:


The next step in SAP’s ongoing collaboration with Microsoft, using the latest in enterprise-ready generative AI innovation to help solve customers’ most fundamental business challenges.


The companies will partner on integrating SAP SuccessFactors solutions with Microsoft 365 Copilot and Copilot in Viva Learning, as well as Microsoft’s Azure OpenAI Service to access powerful language models that analyse and generate natural language. The integrations will enable new experiences designed to improve how organizations attract, retain and skill their people. Read more here.


SAP continues to expand its SAP Business AI portfolio, embedding AI into SAP’s solutions, combining cutting-edge technology with unique industry and process expertise to help customers solve their most pressing problems. Other new innovations include:


·         Boosting visibility, performance and results; a new AI-enabled functionality that helps customers easily anticipate and address changes, leading to better visibility, productivity, and results.

·         AI integrations for SAP Business Network, SAP SuccessFactors and SAP S/4HANA Cloud.

·         The development of SAP’s customer experience portfolio and a new companion app, using generative AI to give sellers and support teams holistic insights, recommendations, and automatically generate content.

·         SAP Predictive Replenishment and SAP Intelligent Product Recommendations; two new SAP solutions aimed at delivering industry-specific business process improvements.



Moving Toward a Green Ledger


Fifty years ago, SAP revolutionised financial accounting with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). Today, SAP reinvents the “R” in ERP by extending the definition of resources to include carbon. With it’s new green ledger, SAP is making carbon accounting as fundamental as financial accounting. New innovations out today include:


Updates to SAP Sustainability Footprint Management allowing businesses to manage the full range of corporate, value chain, and product-level emissions.

SAP Sustainability Data Exchange; a new solution for enterprises to securely exchange standardised sustainability data with partners and suppliers so they can decarbonise supply chains faster.

·         SAP’s sustainability offerings, including an update to SAP Sustainability Footprint Management and the new SAP Sustainability Data Exchange, becoming part of RISE with SAP and GROW with SAP for SAP S/4HANA Cloud, public edition.

A partnership with Planon to deliver sustainable real estate and workplace management solutions to increase sustainability across commercial and corporate portfolios. 


Connecting Industries and Enterprises


Ongoing supply chain disruptions have fundamentally altered the way organisations trade and SAP’s Business Network, a B2B collaboration platform where companies connect, transact, and partner on shared processes and information, has already helped boost global supply chain resilience. New supporting innovations released today include:


·         The launch of SAP Business Network for Industry, combining the benefits of networked supply chains with unique industry expertise to ensure customers across consumer products, high tech, industrial manufacturing, and life sciences. This will be complete with tailored best practices, to help customers bolster resilience for the years ahead.

·         Buyers on SAP Business Network can now choose vendors based not only on price and availability but also on human rights records and sustainability ratings.

·         A new set of product capabilities allow suppliers on the network to showcase and grow their businesses, including: supplier insights, marketplace catalogs, intelligent lead matching and enhanced company profiles.

·         SAP Blockchain Business Connector – a new offering that allows customers to collaborate with multiple companies, individuals and institutions without relying on a centralised data verification system.


Preparing for the future


Enterprises need to see across all their applications, processes and data so they can innovate and automate to boost productivity. As such SAP is today launching a host of innovations to future-proof our customers including:


·         An expansion to the partnership with Google Cloud; simplifying data landscapes and enabling customers to build an end-to-end data cloud that brings data from across the enterprise landscape via SAP Datasphere together with Google’s data cloud, so businesses can view their entire data estates in real time. Read more here.

New capabilities added to the SAP Integration Suite making it easier for customers to manage complex landscapes and bring together holistic processes across SAP and non-SAP systems on prem and in the cloud.

Advancements in SAP Signavio; bringing together the combined power of SAP technology and Signavio to provide customers with critical process insights in hours, not days.



Innovations launched across the entirety of the SAP Business Technology Platform dramatically accelerate business process optimisation and enable enterprise automation at scale. SAP will be continuing to help customers make the most of it’s latest innovations with new integration capabilities increasing productivity and usability; improved low-code tools boosting automation potential; new data partnerships helping customers uncover critical insights faster.


Commenting on the announcements, Christian Klein, CEO at SAP said: “In a world marked by market disruptions, shifting regulatory landscapes, and critical skills shortages, customers continue turning to SAP for the solutions they need to solve their most pressing problems. The innovations we’re announcing at SAP Sapphire draw on our rich legacy of responsibly developed, groundbreaking enterprise technology designed with decades of industry and process expertise to ensure our customers thrive, both today and in the future.”

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