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WalkMe Discovery helps enterprises unlock the hidden value of their tech stack by providing visibility into what software is running, who is using it, and how it’s being used.

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WalkMe Inc. has introduced WalkMe Discovery, the latest innovation in the evolution of digital adoption technology. WalkMe Discovery gives IT executives and enterprise software owners unprecedented visibility into their enterprise software stack. WalkMe Discovery automatically detects all the web-based apps a company is running, who is using what software, and whether they’re using it as intended.


Paired with WalkMe’s unmatched capabilities to drive software adoption, companies now have a broader range of choices to maximize ROI once they understand the real inefficiencies in their software stack.


Achieving sustainable growth is a top priority for enterprises today, which puts immense pressure on software budgets to prove ROI and cut waste. And with large enterprises unaware of 51%1 of the applications deployed in their companies, it’s tough for enterprise software owners to know where to start finding efficiencies. What’s more, the lack of visibility into the tech stack greatly contributes to the $16M2 annual investment wasted on software that’s duplicative or unused.


WalkMe Discovery takes a unique approach to identifying and analyzing usage of web-based applications, shadow IT, and home-grown cloud applications. Unlike other solutions that only provide basic login data or require deep integrations, WalkMe Discovery delivers click-by-click data, layering on organizational and employee attributes to understand usage in the context of the jobs people are trying to get done. This approach provides a more holistic view of the software stack.


“Optimizing software spend and driving efficiencies isn’t just about reducing costs, it’s about driving adoption of technology to ensure enterprises are not only paying for what they need, but also getting what they paid for,” said Dan Adika, CEO & Co-Founder, WalkMe. “With the availability of WalkMe Discovery, WalkMe is the only provider that helps enterprises maximize the efficiency of software spend with insight into opportunities for enterprise-wide cost savings and with solutions for improving adoption, unlike point solutions that only provide one or the other.”

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