Core to Cloud partners with Illumio

Stopping breaches from spreading across the hybrid attack surface.

As cyber-attacks become increasingly more sophisticated and targeted, leading cybersecurity specialist, Core to Cloud has partnered with Illumio, the Zero Trust Segmentation company, to add Zero Trust Segmentation to its suite of cybersecurity solutions, and help organisations prevent breaches from spreading across hybrid attack surfaces.

Despite record spending on cybersecurity, the world continues to experience more frequent and devastating breaches—in the past two years alone, 76 percent of organisations were attacked by ransomware. The hyperconnectivity that comes with digital transformation makes organisations increasingly vulnerable. Attacks continue to break through perimeter defenses and move, often undetected, to access critical assets and infrastructure.

Zero Trust Segmentation (ZTS) is a modern security approach that contains and minimises the impact of breaches and ransomware. Illumio ZTS is the first platform that prevents breaches from spreading across endpoints, clouds, and data centers by continually visualising how workloads and devices are communicating, creating granular policies that only allow wanted and necessary communication, and automatically isolating breaches by restricting lateral movement proactively or during an active attack.

“From healthcare to enterprise, organisations are continuously seeking new ways to defend against the constant and advancing threat of a cyber-attack”, said James Cunningham, CEO of Core to Cloud. “Threat actors use increasingly sophisticated techniques to breach organisations, whether it’s automation or AI, meaning it’s more a case of when a breach will occur rather than if.”

“In order to build resilience our security strategies must focus on limiting and containing beaches and ransomware, as well as detection and response. Illumio ZTS enables us to strengthen an organisation’s security posture even further, by reducing the impact and minimising the damage of an attack. We’re delighted to be working with Illumio, the partnership makes us one of only a handful of UK cyber specialists to be able to offer its Zero Trust Segmentation product suite to UK customers.”

Illumio ZTS enables organisations to reduce risk and build resilience to today’s threats, with tests from Bishop Fox showing ZTS stops attacks from spreading in 10 minutes, nearly 4 times faster than detection and response capabilities alone. Research from the Enterprise Strategy Group reveals that those that have adopted Zero Trust Segmentation as part of their Zero Trust strategy save an average of $20.1 million in application downtime and avert five cyber disasters a year.

“Breaches are getting more frequent and more severe and while traditional security approaches are still important, they are not enough,” said Scott Walker, Senior Director of Channel & Alliances, EMEA at Illumio. “Our channel strategy has always been to develop a lean and focused route to market, working with the right strategic partners. Core to Cloud is a cybersecurity specialist that strives to help organisations solve problems in different ways, so there is a natural synergy in terms of culture, goals, and experience.”

James added: “The Core to Cloud and Illumio partnership is a perfect fit. We both have extensive experience in healthcare and Enterprise with a mutual goal to bring the latest innovations in cybersecurity to the UK, to help organisations minimise the risks of the modern threat landscape. We look forward to what the future holds by working together.”

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