Spectra Logic introduces Digital Archive solution

Spectra Logic has introduced a modern archive solution for organisations that must manage and preserve massive amounts of data for long-term retention purposes.

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The new solution, called Spectra Digital Archive, is powered by Spectra StorCycle®, an enterprise software designed to easily and cost-effectively archive data at scale. Spectra Digital Archive enables organisations to manage and archive terabytes to petabytes of unstructured data, digitally preserving that data on any combination of disk, tape and cloud, without sacrificing reliability or data availability.  


The Spectra Digital Archive solution provides policy-driven automation that scales to meet organisational performance and capacity demands. Customers are able to define the data retention settings that align best with their organisation’s compliance, ransomware protection and disaster recovery requirements.

Configurable to integrate with a variety of storage targets, both on-premises and in the cloud, the Spectra Digital Archive solution is ideal for organisations that need to retain massive amounts of data for long periods of time.  


Spectra Digital Archive:  

Offers simple setup and use for easy deployment 

Scales infinitely to handle current and future data growth 

Enables policy-driven automation for maximum flexibility 

Integrates with disk, tape and cloud storage tiers to provide storage choices 

Reduces storage/backup costs and bottlenecks 

Provides low impact/high performance data transfers  

Delivers multiple archive options: bulk, project and active archive 

Ensures advanced ransomware protection 

Retains original file formats to avoid lock-in 

Supports environmental sustainability initiatives 


“Organisations are becoming increasingly overwhelmed by the size, scope and cost of their data growth,” said David Feller, vice president of product management and solutions engineering, Spectra Logic. “We designed the Spectra Digital Archive, a dynamic end-to-end solution, to help data-driven customers easily and affordably manage, preserve and access this data by migrating it seamlessly to less costly storage tiers for long-term digital preservation, usage and monetisation.” 

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