Ensono launches Service Mapping

Ensono has launched Ensono Envision® Service Mapping, giving IT organizations insights into their IT estate and application dependencies.

Gartner states that 28% of physical servers are ghost servers causing overspending and greater security risks and 32% of inquiries regarding CMDBs cited data completeness or quality concerns as a challenge. Ensono’s new service mapping solution helps address these challenges by providing continuous discovery of data center infrastructure, maintaining the configuration item (CI) integrity of a client's configuration management database (CMDB), and providing valuable insights on the relationship between applications and their dependent infrastructures.

By improving a client’s CMDB integrity, Ensono identifies underutilized infrastructure, identifies relationships between infrastructure for faster remediation, and provides insights into application relationships to dependent infrastructure, empowering IT leaders to make more informed decisions about how to distribute and account for costs across business units.

“IT organizations are dealing with complex infrastructures and continue to struggle with visibility into what is taking place within their IT estate,” said Ensono CTO Tim Beerman. “Through this new service, we’re able to show clients where there is opportunity for continuous optimization within their business applications as it relates to infrastructure architecture, security, and cost savings.”

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