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OVHcloud Metal Instances combines the best of Bare Metal with the convenience of pay as you go and infrastructure as code.

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OVHcloud has launched Metal Instances. New to the Public Cloud universe, this offering leverages the tremendous compute power of Bare Metal servers, and supports an infrastructure-as-code deployment methodology, while still offering the benefits of flexibility and convenience Public Cloud is known for with a pay as you go model.


In a typical Cloud-native environment, applications are decoupled from the underlying hardware so that they can scale thanks to the Cloud on-demand elasticity. This way, use of under-the-hood hardware can be instantly scaled in response to specific peak periods. But not all apps are created equal, and some workloads might require dedicated hardware resources for their execution, whether for control, isolation, or performance.


The Metal Instances offering is specifically designed to address this need, offering on-demand availability and quick deployment times. This is based on automated and standardized large-scale roll-out through infrastructure as code – made possible by OpenStack and Terraform native support. The offering also uses  a pay as you go billing model – down to the hour – enabling customers to only pay for the exact compute capacity they consume.


Full control of the hardware


Metal Instances offers exactly what customers have come to expect from OVHcloud’s existing Bare Metal offering, namely: complete control of the hardware with access to full CPU resources.


Run on 100% dedicated single tenant physical servers, Metal Instances supports on-demand deployment through standard OpenStack API, benefits from Cloud automation capabilities and can be integrated into the full Public Cloud ecosystem of OVHcloud services.


“From the creation of our own dedicated Bare Metal servers, where we have full control of the design thanks to our unique integrated model, to the availability of Metal Instances, Bare Metal is going full circle to address every Cloud compute need one might think of” said Thierry Souche, Chief Technical Officer, OVHcloud.


“OVHcloud has long proven its commitment towards Open Source and OpenStack with its dedicated servers and Public Cloud offerings. Being a hefty contributor with a class of its own OpenStack distribution, the Group attempts to combine the best of both worlds with its new Metal Instances offering. This significant leap is made possible through OpenStack, maintaining full compatibility with baseline tools” said Thierry Carrez, general manager of the OpenInfra Foundation.


Bare Metal as a Service


Metal Instances is built for a variety of workloads requiring specific hardware regardless of the purpose: performance, licensing, or low-level software customization. Thanks to Metal Instances, customers will benefit from a unique and flexible on-demand Cloud offer spanning across 3 different instances:

bm-s1 is powered by an Intel Xeon-E 2274G (4C/8T), 2x 960 GB SSD with hourly pricing of 0.5 euros,

bm-m1 is powered by an Intel Xeon-E 2288G (8C/16T), 2x 960 GB SSD with hourly pricing of 0.85 euros,

bm-l1 is powered by an AMD EPYC 7371 (16C/32T), 2x 960 GB SSD with hourly pricing of 1.45 euros,

Each instance is teamed with a 1 Gbit/s guaranteed public network link and a 2 Gbit/s guaranteed private network. True to OVHcloud’s commitments when it comes to price predictability, the cost includes incoming and outgoing traffic.


A solution that offers data protection and sustainability


Metal Instances benefits from OVHcloud’s well known expertise in infrastructure, offering a trusted Cloud in environmentally friendly datacentres. With the highest security and data protection standards in the form of ISO 27001 certification and HDS, data is immune to extra-territorial laws. OVHcloud datacentres unique industrial model of water cooling has enabled the business to achieve best-in-class PUE/WUE indexes.

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