ATTO Technology joins Western Digital and Open-E in cluster creation

Certified production data storage solution offers massive capacity while balancing flexibility, performance and price.

ATTO Technology joins Open-E and Western Digital in introducing an advanced high-capacity, high-availability HDD storage solution.

The jointly certified solution combines the cost-effectiveness of HDDs, incredible speed of NVMe-based caching devices, and state-of-the-art connectivity hardware and software. The result is a high-performance storage solution for real-world data production environments with an exceptional balance of performance and total cost of ownership (TCO).

Based on Open-E JovianDSS Data Storage Software, an Ultrastar® Data60 JBOD containing Ultrastar DC HC510 10TB 3.5” SAS HDDs connects through ATTO ExpressSAS® GT 12 Gb/s HBAs controllers to two server nodes.

ATTO FastFrame™ 100GbE SmartNICs are used for both the client connection and the replicated write log (based on the super-fast Ultrastar DC SN840 1.6 TB NVMe SSD drives) that provides extra security and performance levels. The ATTO FastFrame SmartNICs used to replicate the write log enable the RDMA (Remote Direct Memory Access) connection for unparalleled performance.

"Our long-term partnership with Western Digital and ATTO gives us the opportunity to work closely with world-class data storage experts on the solutions that bring a brand-new value for our customers and resellers. And our latest project is a great example of this synergy," said Kristof Franek, CEO at Open-E.

“You couldn’t pull together three better companies to partner on an end-to-end business solution like this,” said Tim Klein, President/CEO, ATTO Technology. “Each of us put our specialties on the table and the result is an amazing solution that stands out in the market.”

“Once again I’m impressed by the ease of installation and smooth interaction of the three key storage technology elements making up this solution: Software-defined storage intelligence by Open-E, dependable network and SAS connectivity by ATTO and the high-density Ultrastar® storage platform made by Western Digital,” said Manfred Berger, Senior Business Development Manager at Western Digital.

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