Infovista and Gigamon partner

Industry leaders come together to deliver automated deep observability within network slicing use cases for communications service providers.

Infovista has announced its partnership with Gigamon to address digital transformation and next generation challenges in areas such as network slicing and SLA monetization across the 5G core, Open RAN, and Mobile Private Networks. The partnership will see Communications Service Providers (CSPs) benefit from the combination of Infovista’s Ativa platform and the Gigamon Hawk Deep Observability Pipeline to maximize end-to-end visibility, analytics, and troubleshooting for 5G networks.

5G slicing is a key enabler for Industry 4.0 and is fast gaining momentum, with the market expected to reach $4.9 billion globally by 2027. However, CSPs are faced with a number of challenges when implementing network slicing, including proof of device stability, cost control and service reliability, making an assurance solution integral. The Ativa and Gigamon Hawk integration is perfectly placed to solve these issues, as it allows:

• Unprecedented network visibility: Customers can get unmatched comprehensive insights, with dashboards and analytics across all layers from the network, transport, application, subscriber, and device

• Reduced operational complexity: CSPs can overcome complexity and avoid repetitive tasks with advanced automation

• Automated troubleshooting: Automation capabilities allow ML/AI automated workflows for troubleshooting, hands-free zero-touch network configuration, and noise reduction

• Assured SLA delivery: Customers can ensure they avoid significant penalties and missed monetization opportunities by never missing cross-domain SLAs

• Boosted ROI: Costs are controlled and ROI is achieved by better preparing for the B2B monetization of 5G networks

Payam Maveddat, SVP Global Alliances at Infovista, says: “5G slicing promises CSPs an incredibly powerful low-latency, high-bandwidth platform for innovation and cross-sector optimization, which will accelerate digital transformation. Together, Infovista and Gigamon offer a compelling value proposition, where customers will get superb use case-based solutions with combined capabilities to handle the latest technologies, assisting with monetization and creation of business value, designed to address the most urgent operational challenges today, as well as preparing them for the future.”

Adrian Belcher, Director of Strategic Alliances at Gigamon adds, “We are thrilled to be partnering with Infovista to support CSPs and help deliver enhanced connectivity, flexibility, and visibility to our customers. We are in an incredibly promising time for digital transformation as our customers embrace the potential of 5G and recognize how network slicing can benefit their end-to-end 5G performance. The integration of Gigamon Hawk and Infovista’s Ativa platform can help CSPs overcome mission critical issues and help maintain business continuity.”

Beyond 360° assurance for 5G Slicing, Gigamon and Infovista are continuing to build use cases to benefits CSPs and are working to provide an end-to-end solution for user plane data analysis of applications, eliminate limitations of public cloud deployments and solve the challenge of encryption by providing visibility into TLS 1.3/DHE encrypted traffic.

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