Odaseva launches Managed Services Provider Partner Program

Leading enterprise data protection platform enables organizations to excel at Salesforce data management.

Odaseva, a leading enterprise data protection platform for Salesforce, has launched its Managed Services Provider (MSP) Partner Program to meet rapidly growing demand for its platform, which is centered on data protection, privacy, and automation. The MSP Partner Program is now actively signing new partners to enable them to generate a new and recurring revenue stream by providing their clients with industry-leading data management solutions for Salesforce.

Continuing growth and maturity of the Salesforce customer base is fuelling demand for Odaseva’s Enterprise Data Protection Platform. Enterprises must manage the massive amounts of data created in Salesforce and ensure compliance with new regulatory laws and changes in how data must be handled. The Odaseva MSP program empowers managed service providers to solve their clients’ common, yet complex, data management challenges because it gives MSPs the tools they need to provide critical services directly to their clients.

MSPs are turning software into new services to capitalize on market opportunities, the most popular of which are Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS) and Disaster Recovery. By adding the Odaseva Enterprise Data Protection Platform to their solution catalogue, MSPs can deliver and manage Salesforce data management solutions like backup and restore for both new and existing clients to create new recurring revenue streams.

The benefits of the Odaseva MSP program include:

• A repeating and predictable revenue model

• Access to Odaseva sales and technical resources including tools and best practices

• A number of "right-sized" options for partnering to fit every MSP’s unique needs

• Robust and functionally free enablement process enabling partners to upskill

• Free online training and support

• Access to a channel manager

• Reinforce your trusted advisor status

“Businesses are facing increasingly stringent data handling laws that require more complex processes and checks. At the same time, they’re struggling to find the staff they need to fulfil those requirements. We’ve seen strong demand for our platform’s capabilities as a result,” said Sovan Bin, CEO at Odaseva. “We look forward to working closely with our partner network across the world to address the major data challenges that come with running Salesforce instances at scale.”

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