Cohesity launches DataHawk

Cohesity has launched Cohesity DataHawk, a data security software as a service (SaaS) solution that is focused on helping customers protect, detect, and recover from cyber and ransomware attacks.

DataHawk combines three critical security capabilities into one SaaS solution: threat protection via scans for attack indicators and malware; ML-based data classification that provides high accuracy in identifying and detecting sensitive or critical data; and award winning cyber vaulting via Cohesity FortKnox.

With this data-centric approach, DataHawk enables organisations to easily protect, detect, and recover from ransomware or other cyberattacks. DataHawk includes the following key capabilities:

•Threat intelligence that can save the day: DataHawk incorporates a deep learning-based ransomware detection engine. It also provides intelligent threat protection with rapid scanning for anomalies, potential threats, and other indicators of a ransomware attack. DataHawk integrates a set of highly curated and managed IOC (Indicators of Compromise) threat feeds that are updated daily.

•Data classification to quickly assess impact: When under attack, organisations want to rapidly understand any potential impact to their valuable data. DataHawk is leveraging the exceptional classification technology from BigID to accurately discover and classify large sets of data at scale to help minimise risk, improve their security posture, and understand the impact of an attack. Customers can save time chasing false positives and reach resolution faster with more than 200 built-in classifiers and ML-driven algorithms to analyse, tag, categorise, label, and classify data sets. Predefined policies for data privacy and protection regulations like the “General Data Protection Regulation'' (GDPR), “Payment Card Industry” (PCI), and “Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act” (HIPAA) help organisations quickly identify and prioritise these sensitive data sets.

•Cyber vaulting that provides data recovery and resiliency when it’s needed most: Organisations should always keep separate copies of their critical apps and data as part of a 3-2-1 strategy to build cyber resiliency. With Cohesity FortKnox, included in DataHawk, customers can secure an offsite copy of data in a modern cloud-based cyber vaulting service, where data is kept out of the hands of bad actors via a virtual air gap. Stored data can be recovered from this Cohesity-managed cloud vault back to the original source location or alternate targets, including the public cloud.

Another benefit that customers will realise with DataHawk is a growing list of integrations with today’s leading cyber security vendors that are helping IT and security build a modern automated security operations centre (SOC). Leveraging Cohesity’s API-first extensible platform, DataHawk is designed to integrate with leading SIEM vendors including, for example, select vendors joining Cohesity in the Data Security Alliance.

“Over-stretched IT and security teams are constantly trying to manage a sea of infrastructure while working night and day to stay ahead of bad actors,” said Mohit Aron, founder and chief technology and product officer, Cohesity. “The key to keeping businesses running is minimising the impact of a potential breach, bringing data security directly into the operational workflow, securing data at the source, and restoring critical workloads rapidly — while enabling IT and security teams to spend time on other business-critical tasks. This is what DataHawk is all about.”

“Minimising the impact of cyberattacks and ransomware is essential for keeping business operations running optimally. This requires classifying the data that matters most to the organisation, as well as quickly identifying attack indicators and rapidly restoring workloads,” said Jennifer Glenn, Research Director for Information and Data Security at IDC. “Integrating data classification and recovery capabilities via a SaaS platform, such as DataHawk from Cohesity, can help reduce the workload on IT and security teams and help them stay ahead of cyber attackers.”

“Cybercrime is an ever-increasing threat to businesses, and we need the best solutions and technologies to protect our client base,” said Chris Konrad, Area Vice President Cyber, Global Accounts at World Wide Technology/WWT. “The breadth and depth of Cohesity’s security ecosystem is impressive and helps solve some of the biggest challenges our customers face. Combined with rich threat protection, detection, and recovery capabilities provided by DataHawk we are more confident than ever that we have a solution that helps secure and extract more value from our customers’ data.”

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