Metacloud provides AI launchpad to a New Intel Developer Cloud Metacloud enables AI developers to leverage optimized hardware for AI workloads in one click via the Intel Developer Cloud, serving as another step to the sky computing vision., an Intel Company and provider of Metacloud Platform as a Service for AI/ML, says that the new Intel Developer Cloud is now available via the Metacloud platform, providing a fully integrated software and hardware solution. With Metacloud orchestration of workloads and cloud infrastructure, developers and AI specialists can leverage Intel Developer Cloud for all their application needs.

AI computing is becoming increasingly complex and expensive. AI comes with high operational costs, and AI developers are unable to access specialized AI hardware for their AI/Data workloads. With and Intel Developer Cloud, developers can instantly access the latest AI/Data optimized Intel resources seamlessly, improving performance and ROI of AI, data, and cloud infrastructure. Developers will get access to the latest Intel AI hardware, months before it is available in other cloud service providers.

Whether it’s processing data, training, or deploying models for inference — developers have the full control to run any ML task while utilizing Intel’s latest resources for the job in a seamless developer-friendly interface. Developers can keep using all of their hardware assets (either public cloud, on-prem, or other), and within the same Metacloud portal run AI and data workloads on the new Intel Developer Cloud. Customers will be able to choose from a selection of different hardware technologies, and run instantly through Metacloud workload orchestration provides the flexibility and freedom to utilize any type of hardware and cloud infrastructure. Developers have the ability to mix and match different cloud providers and on-prem clusters that are natively integrated with for any workload type or profile.

The solution has already enabled customers to scale their AI initiatives, enhance workload performance and optimize cost efficiency with seamless access to Intel purpose built resources.

Benefits of Metacloud and Intel Developer’s Cloud

•Run AI workloads anywhere and everywhere, with native connectivity to Intel’s Developer Cloud

•Seamless developer experience to build AI with cloud native Metacloud platform

•Get premier access to Intel’s latest and greatest hardware selection including latest Xeons, Gaudis and GPUs, months before available in other cloud service providers

•Leverage highly optimized hardware at a competitive cost

“, together with Intel Developer Cloud is excited to deliver an end-to-end solution of software and hardware that enables any AI developer to easily run AI workloads and with just one click,” says Yochay Ettun, CEO and Co-founder of “Now developers have on demand access to dedicated, optimized and hosted AI compute and hardware within the new Intel Cloud Services platform directly from It is another major milestone for Metacloud.”

“Intel Developer Cloud is a strategic investment in our developer community. We’re bringing intuitive software and great hardware together to deliver a seamless developer experience,” said Markus Flierl, Corporate Vice President of Intel Developer Cloud. “ enables ISVs and customers to accelerate the adoption of new Intel technology with a total system, and the ability to choose and access the right hardware for the job.”

“Leveraging Intel Developer Cloud through Metacloud has accelerated our ability to deliver AI solutions,” says customer Ido Rivlin, Chief Technology Officer at Maisha Labs, a company transforming healthcare delivery with AI. “The seamless onboarding experience has made it easy to adopt the latest Intel hardware on demand, and leverage optimized hardware for different AI workloads including data processing, training, and predictions.”

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